Mr. Dalpe's 6th Grade Class

Welcome to Mr. Dalpe's 6th Grade Class.   We have a full, challenging academic year ahead of us.  This year we will be studying pre algebra in math in our Glencoe sixth grade math text.  In Reader's and Writer's Workshop we will be working on portfolios as well as engaging in "Journeys", our brand new reading and writing curriculum from Houghton Mifflin.  In Social Studies we will learning all about the ancient world in our world history text by Scott Foresmen.  Science brings us four seperate units.  Our first unit is on Earth Science where we will learn about plate tectonics.  The second unit is on the life sciences where we will learn about plants and animals.  Unit three is on the Physical sciences where we will learn about matter and energy and Unit four is on Space and Technology where we learn about the planets and the universe.

There will be many exciting adventures for us this year as we work our way through the curriculum.  The first will be a visit to the Clear Pool Outdoor Education Center on October 9th where we will learn about pond ecology and engage in some team building activities.  There will also be a conference at Clear Pool on the environment in November.  Ocotober also brings us "Bring Your Teddy Bear to School Day" as well as other kid oriented celebrations to help us engage in the writing process.

We also be focusing on character education this year.  The students will be engaging in many activities to help improve their ability to interact with others, develop a moral compass and learn how to deal with the pressures of the world while maintaining integrity.  Just a few of these activities include work on the school store project, morning meetings, and our community service project.