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Culture SHOCK!!!

All of you by now, should have an assigned culture. You are going to follow the guide provided for you from Mr. D and record the information you will need for your presentation. Remember!!! The grade will be divided between your research and your presentation!!! If you think you can come into the computer lab and goof off, then YOU WILL FAIL!!! Also, if you are caught going onto a website that has nothing to do with your research, such as YoutTube, YOU WILL FAIL BOTH PARTS OF THE PROJECT, TAKEN OUT OF THE COMPUTER LAB, AND PUT ON RESTRICTION BY ME!!! NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!

This is a change-up from our regular routine. I hope you have fun with this project, learn some cool new things, and enjoy your time away from hearing me and Mr. Adam talking!


Group 1 - Aboriginal

 Group 2 - Homeless

Group 3 - Hippies

Group 4 - African Tribes

Group 5 - Amazon Tribes

 Group 6 -Eskimos

Group 7 - People of India

Group 8 - Tibetan monks

Group 9 - Muslims

Group 10 - Jews

Group 11 - West African Vodun


You may go to to research your project, but only us Wikipedia if you CAN NOT FIND ANYTHING!!!