Music of the 60's

How the 60's Rocked!!!


During the past few days, you have learned about various topics and issues of the 1960's, from the Civil Rights movement, to the hippies, even the space race! Almost everything in the 1960's was either influenced by music or had an influence itself on music and that is why music during the 60's was and still is so important to the culture of America.

 For this research project, you will be given a topic assigned to you by Mr. D. For these topics, you will need to answer the following questions:


1.) What is the topic you are researching?

2.) Is it a movement, a style of music, or a musical act?

3.) When did your topic begin and where at?

4.) Name some musical acts that were involved with your topic. (If you have a group, give me the members of the band.)

5.) How long was your topic a headline? (Meaning how long did your topic last in the public eye.)

6.) Give me 5 IMPORTANT FACTS about your topic. (Important means: IMPORTANT!!! I don't want the first sentence you read to be on here just because you are to lazy to read. It won't hurt you to read a bit!!!)

Once you have all of this information, you will have to put this information together to create a final project. The final project will involve some type of "evaluation" such as a paper, power point, or presentation. This will be determined on the condition of the computer lab obviously.



 Google would be a good place to start, as well as . Your topics, however, involve entertainment topics, which means many of the website may be blocked. THE ONLY WAY WIKIPEDIA can be used if you have the ok from ME, MR. D!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!


1.) The British Invasion (music)

2.) Woodstock

3.) American music in the 1960's

4. Motown

5.) Vietnam protest songs (see Mr. D about this)

6.) The Ed Sullivan Show

7.) Women in music during the 1960's

8.) The Beatles

9.) Bob Dylan

10.) The Rollin Stones