Welcome to English II at NCHS-East! The following course syllabus is designed to help you participate more successfully in class and to ensure that we have a great semester.  Please read it carefully and store it at the front of your binder.


Course Overview

                The skills and knowledge that you will gain in this class will not only prepare you for my exams, or the writing assessment, but will give you a distinct advantage in life. If you can read and write well, you can do basically anything and it will help you navigate almost any situation. In this sense, we will work to make sure that everyone in the class is not only college-ready, but more importantly, life-ready.

                That said, we will spend a significant amount of time in this class learning how to successfully write for the 10th grade writing assessment this spring.   The assessment is an informative style of writing, and the prompt will ask you to inform a specific audience about one of the following subjects: the causes of something, the effects of something or the abstract definition of something.  We will complete a significant number of sample essays as well as time learning about the rubric and how to best prepare for the test. Every student will also create a portfolio that he or she can take on with them through the grades as samples of excellent student writing.

                As we prepare for this exam, and beyond, we will read and study a variety of literature from around the world. These works will include: short stories, poems, novels, articles and more!


  1. Follow directions the first time they are given
  2. Raise your hand and wait to be recognized—ONLY ONE PERSON SPEAKS AT A TIME
  3. Stay in your assigned seat and do not move unless given express permission from me.
  4. Be on time and bring your supplies everyday.
  5. No food, drinks, or electronic devices in the classroom. IF I SEE THEM I WILL TAKE THEM.


If you choose not to follow the classroom expectations, there will be consequences for your actions. Those consequences are:

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Moved seat
  3. One-on-one conference
  4. Phone call home
  5. Referral—Administrative intervention

*in the case of a serious infraction, the student will be sent to the office immediately

Absentee Policy

  • If you are absent, it will be your responsibility to check the “Previous Days’ Work” folders for your make up work and to get any notes from your classmates. You will still be responsible for the vocabulary journals, so make sure you get them from another student and show them to me AT THE END OF THE PERIOD so that I can enter your grade.
  • As per East rules, if you have more than 10  absences, you will not receive credit for the course.

Bathroom Policy

  • Every week, you will receive one bathroom pass. This pass may be used at any time during class, except during the first or last fifteen minutes of class, or if we are in a crucial moment during the class period.


Plagiarism Policy

  • You may not copy, use, or otherwise claim the work of another person, whether it is in person or from a website as your own.  Any plagiarized paper will automatically receive a zero.
  • The student’s name will be reported to the administrative team, and you will not have a chance to make-up the assignment.

Tardy Policy

  • You will be considered tardy if you are not in your seat working on the journal topic when the bell rings.  If you come to class late without a pass, you will be asked to leave and return with a pass.  REMEMBER: three tardies is equivalent to one absence.



To be prepared for this class, certain materials will be necessary. The following supplies will be needed EVERYDAY:

  • Blue or black pen and a pencil (mechanical or sharpened before class)
  • Lined, 3 hole, loose leaf paper
  • One 1.5” binder for your English materials only
  • One pack of 3 notebook dividers to divide notebook into the following sections:
    • Journals-Vocabulary                         The Writing Process
    • Class notes                                           Returned Work
    • Class Documents

Please let me know if you have any difficulties obtaining any of these supplies. 



Grading9 weeks breakdown. This is the standard grading breakdown for the English Department at East.

30%    Tests, and Quizzes

30%    Essays and projects

25%    Homework and Classwork

15%    Participation

  • You must be in class, engaged with the lesson, and participating in discussion in order to get a full participation grade.


NCHS-East Grading Scale

100-93: A             92-86: B                85-77: C                76-70 D                 Below 70: F


                  As you will notice, this class has a theme. This semester, that theme is Batman. Each class will be assigned a team name based on a Batman character. When your class works collaboratively and does well, you will earn class points. These class points can then be exchanged for prizes and opportunities later on in the semester! Work well as a team, and you will all be rewarded!


Contact Information

I am always available to help you succeed. All questions are welcome.

Instructor: Mr. Kevin Duquette

Room: 7

Planning period:  2nd Block



Phone: (252) 410-1188