Book Report Guidelines

English II Book Report Guidelines   


Each Book Report must be 2-3 typed pages in length.*

*If you cannot type it, you may handwrite it. Handwritten reports should still be 2-3 pages in length. Reports must be legible.


Through the semester, you will be required to complete THREE (3) independent reading book reports on a book that you read outside of class. Each book report will be worth a 30 point project grade. Not completing these assignments will almost guarantee a failing grade in this class.


The Due Dates for These Reports Are:

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Friday, May 18th, 2012

*Please note: These dates are subject to change based on district calendar*


Why Is This Important?:

          Being literate is absolutely essential to being a functioning member of society. Literacy is essential in life, whether it be school, college, or a job. Reading books independently will not only build your fluency in reading, it will also build your vocabulary and critical thinking skills. These book reports are meant to hold you accountable for taking some responsibility for your literacy and success in the English II class. Lastly, this will also give you a chance to read something that you will really enjoy!


Book Requirements:

  • Each book that you choose for a book report must be on at least a 10th Grade Reading Level.
  • Your book must be at least 200 pages in length unless you have cleared it with me beforehand.
  • You may borrow a book from the Classroom Library, Media Center or Local Library.
  • If you have any questions about whether or not a book is appropriate, please check with me ahead of time.


Eeminder: As always, if you have any questions while working on your report, please do not hesitate to ask me. I will be glad to assist you in any way that I can!


My Contact Information:


Email:   or



(252) 410 1188   (Please call or text me before 9 pm)


Book Report Guidelines: Your book report has FOUR (4) parts.

That being said, there is no set number of paragraphs that your book report needs, though it will definitely need to be more than just four. Please make sure that you address all parts in your report!


Introduction (3 points):

  • Title/Author (make sure that you underline the title of your book each time that you mention it!)
  • Genre
  • A brief introduction to the book in general so as to grip the reader’s attention


Summary/Description (6 points):

  • What is the book about? Briefly describe the setting, the point of view and the main characters of the story.
  • If there is a specific mood or tone to the story then discuss that as well.
  • Give a plot summary along with a sequence of events that lead to the climax and resolution.
  • Mention the author’s use of literary techniques (including, but not limited to):
    • irony,
    • imagery
    • foreshadowing
    • symbolism.


Analysis and Evaluation (8 points):

  • Is the writing effective, powerful, difficult, gripping or beautiful?
  • What do you think was the author’s purpose in writing the book? (What is the book’s THEME?)
  • Did its author achieve his/her purpose?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the book? (Style of writing, clear or confusing, order of events, depiction of characters, etc.)

Conclusion (3 points):

  • Pull your thoughts together and make a brief conclusion
  • What is your impression from the book? Is it interesting, moving, or boring?
  • Would you recommend the book to others? Why or why not?