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Essential math skills for 4th graders entering 5th grade high ability math in 2014-2015

To be as successful as possible and make sure we cover 2 years’ worth of math content, students should be able to:

Add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers using traditional logarithms-no lattice multiplication.


Add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers.


Add and subtract decimals.


Understand place value up to hundred thousand and down to thousandths.


Round and explain the reason behind rounding, not just the mechanics.




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Scholastic Book Club online ordering code is GWGDF



Taxonomy Project

Online science textbook: https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/ePC/start.do

username: student2018

password: password


Online math text: pearsonrealize.com

1.) Click gray sign in box.

2.) Click on the Pearson Easy Bridge box.

3.) Search for New Albany Floyd County, click go.

4.) username: nafcs\your student's personal school login.  (Please note that there is a reverse slash
"\" and your student has written their username on July 28th of their planner.

5.) password: your student's personal password also found on July 28 of their planner.


Google account:

1.) Go to Google.

2.) Click on the sign in box upper right hand of the screen.

3.) Enter the student username followed by @student.nafcs.org

4.) Enter the student password found on July 28, and click enter.


*Please do not change passwords for textbooks, school accounts, or Google accounts.

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