My Classroom Policies

1. Naturally, I expect students to come to class prepared with a pen or pencil, note paper, and the literature we're reading in class (e.g. novel, literature book, etc.).

2. Students should use their time productively and be willing to engage the whole learning process (e.g. class discussions, sharing, reading, writing, projects, quizzes, etc.).

3. Homework: I try my best to avoid giving excessive amounts of homework; however, sometimes it's unavoidable. Most often, I allow time in class to work on assignments, but if a student needs more time to finish he or she can finish it at home.

4. Graded Work: When students receive graded work back from me, they have the choice to revise and improve that work by fixing the errors I have indicated on their paper. Then they can resubmit the work stapled to the original for an improved score. For example, if an assignment earns 8/10 but loses 0.9 points for grammatical mistakes, its final score is 7.1/10. But a student can make all the corrections and have his/her Skyward score changed to 8/10.

5. Late Work: Assignments can lose 5% for each day they are late. After five days, the assignment cannot receive more than 50% of its earn score. On the other hand, I do accept late work up until the day before the last day of each marking period.

6. If in my judgment a student is behaving in such a way that he/she is keeping himself/herself from learning, keeping another student from learning, or keeping me from teaching, I will begin the discipline process with him/her. This is done with the intention of guiding the student back to an attitude and behavior that positively engages learning experiences in my classroom.