Mr. Hess' AP Economics

Welcome to my webpage Roos! At Killeen High School we strive to be the best in all that we do and excellence is achieved each day. In this class, you will gain insight into how Macroeconomic relationships have changed since the father of capitalism, Adam Smith, wrote his treatise The Wealth of Nations back in 1776. We will explore everything from the building blocks of economics as far as how various societies choose their economic system to ways that Economists try to fix our economy and reach a balanced level where their nation can prosper. This course may be more challenging than any previous course that you have taken, as Economics is a blend of Social Sciences and Mathematics. However, you have either chosen this class or were nominated to take this course because of the potential which you possess. I look forward to working closely with each of you this upcoming school year to help you prepare for your AP test, as well as the potential to knock out some college credit while you are still in High School.

Again, welcome to my page and good luck this school year!