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 Welcome to Sophomore College Prep. -- Coming of Age


Marking term 4

6/11-14 - Raisin in the Sun test 
5/28-6/1 - Written portion of MCA 
5/26-27 - MCAs begin! Reading comprehension and vocabulary sections, make sure to study vocab
5/25-26 - A Raisin in the Sun responses due
5/24 - 1.  Complete Act I, Scene I

2.  Answer the following questions as a half page each, make sure to include a quotation in each answer.  Will be collected at the end of class

-  Which character does not seem to fit in  with the rest of the family? Why?

-  What is the significance of Mama's plant? Prove this.

-  Explain the similarities and differences between the two timelines described (When Big Walt was alive and now)

-  How do the other characters view Beneatha? Are these views justifiable?

-   What can you likely expect to see take place in the coming scenes? 

5/13-14 - Vocab sentences completed
             - Rwanda response completed 
             - Type and edit core paper in library
5/11-12 - Vocab sentences completed
             - 4 sentimental objects and their characters, actions, thoughts, and feelings for each
             - Completed essay outline 
5/7 - Darfur response due
4/29-30 - To Kill a Mockingbird exam
4/26-27 - complete To Kill a Mockingbird reading
4/9-12 - Read to 238 
4/7-12 - Bring in song lyrics that properly represent who you are 
4/7-8 - Have up to page 209 read 

Marking Term 3

3/26 - Final essay due (includes outline, rough draft, and final essay) 
3/23-24 - Complete rough drafts for peer editing and finalizing
3/18-19 - essay outlines due
3/15-16 - read to page 178 
             - vocab quiz
3/12-13 - Read to page 155
             - Study TKMB and annotated bibliography for quiz 
3/9-10 - read to page 144
           - Define and POS for vocab words 
3/6-7 - Read to page 135
         - Find an article that revolves around the concept of racism (showing it to either be non-existent or to still exist)
         - (Green) - Write a citation and annotation of this article found 
3/4-5 - Submit completed PowerPoint with 3-6 slides per page (make sure all slides are accounted for, detailed, complete, and thorough - Have someone read it over before submitting) - Save file under your own U drive
         - Vocab quiz
         - Have up to page 127 completed
3/1-2 - Vocab sentences due
2/26 - 3/1 - Complete to page 115 
2/24-25 - Complete to page 99
2/22-23 - Complete to page 89
             - Have PowerPoint slides fully outlined (will be typed in library on 2/24-25)
             - Quiz today
2/9-10 - Complete to page 74
           - Have 3 sources for your persuasive topic 
2/5-8 - Complete up to page 63
2/3-4 - Complete up to page 50 (Quiz)
         - Have persuasive topic and stance chosen
1/28-29 -  Complete up to chapter 3

 Journal Entries (Must be completed whether absent or in class)

1.  Persuade me that your take on the message of "Sympathy" is the right one (don't worry if you are right or wrong)
2.  Watch American Dream (dead/alive) videos and complete a thesis/body paragraph persuading which stance is right
Marking Term 2
1/14-15 - MCA vocabulary section 
1/11-12 - Both Character & object cards due (steps listed below)
1/7-8 - All Journals due 
1/4-5  - Final essays due  
12/21-22 - Vocab quiz 
12/14-15 - Vocab sentences due
              - Flowers for Algernon final collection of journals due (12 entries through character's POV about experiences throughout text)
12/9-10 - Rough drafts due 
12/4-9 - Complete next 20 pages and create 1 new response (G-210, W-complete text) 
12/2-3 - Flowers quiz
           - Complete next 20 pages and create 1 new response (190) 
11/24-25 - Essay outlines due 
              - Complete next 20 pages and create 1 new response (170) 
11/19-20 - Core paper assigned - Essay outline must be completed and handed in for 11/24-25
               - Complete next 20 pages and create 1 new response (G-to 150, W-to 140) 
11/17-18 - formative assessments and review
               - Complete next 20 pages and create 1 new response (G-to 130, W-to 120) 
11/13-16 - Complete next 20 pages and create 1 new respons (80-W, 90-G)
11/10-16 - In class quiz
11/10-12 - Complete next 20 pages and create 2 new responses (60-W, 30 pages / 3 responses for green -70)
               - complete character quotes/characteristics assignment
11/6-9 - Complete next 20 pages and create 2 new responses (40)
11/4-5  - Complete reading to March 27th and create first 2 POV entries (20)


1.  Are Charlie's friends at the bakery really his friends?  (Thesis statement and at least 2 direct quotations)
2.  Using "Where the Sidewalk Ends" how does this poem present the theme of “coming of age”? 
     Using imagery, describe how the poet defines this theme in the poem. 
     Consider its similarities and differences to Taylor Mali’s poem when deciding on how the theme is presented.
3.  Using the poem "The Bridge" how does the author’s use of imagery illustrate the theme of “Coming of Age”?     Create a thesis statement and two body paragraphs to indicate examples that illustrate the theme. 
   Hint- Mark examples of imagery first.  Next, find out which are relevant to your theme and how they are relevant.  Use two examples to identify the theme (one for each paragraph).
4.  Using the poem "If--" how does the author’s use of repetition help in illustrating the theme “coming of age”?
            Write your response as a thesis statement and ONE body paragraph
Next choose one of the circumstances described and create your own story that portrays coming of age.  Characters and actions are of your own design, but must be based on one of the ideas described and must reflect coming of age.
5. Compare and contrast "Flowers for Algernon" and Awakenings in 2 body paragraphs (Theme-Coming of Age and character/setting/etc)
Card #1: Character Card:
________ Character picture that is accurate to book details.
o Character performing an action recommended
o Image MUST be hand drawn, no print out images
________ Character summary
o Brief details that define who the character is and what they do
_______ Format Sections divided and labeled on cards
________ Specifics
o Strengths and weaknesses & effect of those
o How character relates to others
o Round/flat, static/dynamic Is this character able to change based on surroundings?
o Other sections may be added through your own creativity
o Important information
o Each student must have their own cards created
Make sure that each section has at least five sentences per section, so be specific about everything.
Card #2: Object - Location - Symbol
- ________ Image
- Importance of _________ on story
- Effect of _________ on people and story
- Effect people have on _________
Marking Term 1


10/26 - 10/27   - Vocabulary Unit 5 quiz
                       - Final Response to Lit poetry/short story essay due
10/22 - 10/23   -  MCA
10/20 - 10/21   - Completed rough draft due
10/16 - 10/15   - Final Narrative Account due
                        - Vocabulary sentences due
10/14 - 10/13   - Vocabulary Unit 4 Quiz
                        -  Character motivation paper due
10/9 - 10/8   Vocabulary sentences due
10/1 - 10/2   -  Vocabulary quiz #3
9/29 - 9/28   - Vocabulary sentences due
                    - Choose a situation/conflict from your own life 
9/25 - 9/24   - Vocabulary quiz
9/23 - 9/24   - Kitten writings due
9/21 - 9/22   - Vocabulary paragraph/sentences due
9/17 - 9/18   - Vocabulary quiz
                    - Complete essay outline up to step 6 (story outline, topic sentences, thesis statement)
9/11 - 9/10   - Vocabulary paragraphs completed
9/4 - 9/8       - Using your character bubbles, outline Peyton
9/2 - 9/3 -     - Finish reading "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" and answer the following. 
                          1.  Who is the main character?
                          2.  What is he doing?
                          3.  Why is he to be hanged?
                          4.   Why do you think the author decided to put the story out of order?

Journals: Entries should be between 1/2 - 1 page, unless otherwise specified.

1. Script a personal ending to finish the story, "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge". 
2.  How did the author's use of imagery change your response to the story?  Would the story be as effective without it?
3.  Using the poem, "Richard Cory" by Edwin Arlington Robinson answer the following.
     a.  What happened in the poem?  Briefly explain (2+ sentences) what occurs in each of the four stanzas.
     b.  How does this poem connect to the short story, “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”?               
         -  Explain your answer in 2 paragraphs, one for similarities and one for differences.             
         -  Include 2 quotes for each paragraph to prove how they are similar and different.
         -  Your response should be at least one page long.  Use specific details and be sure to introduce and explain each quote in order to reach your goal.
4.  Using "Ozymandias" as your guide:
  -  What does this poem say about man, the passage of time, and the conception of power?  Use lines from the poem to support what  the poem seems to say about each of these ideas.
5.  Using "The Lottery" as your guide:
  -  Write your reaction to the story.  What aspects of the story really struck you?  What was the conflict of the story?  How do you know?
6.  Using "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" as your guide:
  - What is the man deciding on?  What does he decide?  How do you know? (Use specifics for evidence)
7.  Using "A Dream Within a Dream" as your guide:
  -  Is this poem a happy or a sad poem?  Use specific examples to support your decision.  (Consider: The poet's attitude and the reasoning behind his stating what he says.
7.  Using "Death by Scrabble" as your guide:

          Response: Now that you have completed this story you will write through the point of view of the man’s wife.



-         Did she have anything to do with the game’s power?

-         Did she realize what was happening before he did? 

-         What actions by the husband may have pushed the wife to place her last word?

-         Did she have any second thoughts to her actions?

-         What was she thinking as she “sits there, watching”?