11 Honors

 Welcome grade 11 Honors -- The American Dream


The American Dream

Marking term 4

6/11 - Final drafts due 
6/8-9 - Bring in typed versions of core essay for editing
5/26-27 - MCAs begin! Reading comprehension and vocabulary sections, make sure to study vocab 
             - Chapter 1 response questions due
5/24-25 - 1.  Complete chapter 1

2.  Answer the following questions as a half page each, make sure to include a quotation in each answer.  Will be collected at the end of class

-  Is Nick a reliable narrator?

-  Although merely described as differing based on fashionable and less fashionable, what larger concepts can be seen that actually illustrate the differences between East and West Egg?

-  When Jordan indicates that it is "time for this good girl to go to bed" can the reader believe her to be or not to be a "good girl"?

-  By the end of the chapter does Tom differ or live up to Nick's original depiction of him as a pompous brute?

 -  When the possibility of a daughter is described and what that daughter is hoped to grow up to be like, what does this depiction show the reader about high society? 
5/20-21 - PPTs due for presentations (All group members must be present for credit) 
             - Have 12 entries completed 
             - Complete readings
5/13-14 - Begin group PPTs 
5/11      - Complete all 3 questions from article
4/29-30 - Final videos submitted
4/14-15 - Choose a college you are interested in and bring in the essay for that school 

Marking Term 3

3/24-25 - Bring in three American poems at least 12 lines in length 
3/19 - final essay due (sigh of relief) - All due by this date, no excuses
3/15-16 - research essay rough draft due (complete not portion of essay) - Version with edits must be submitted with final
3/10-11 - Define and POS for vocab words 
             - Streetcar questions due
3/8-9 - research essay outline due
3/4-5 - Vocab quiz
3/1-2 - Research paper thesis statement due
         - vocab sentences due
2/25-26 - Research text is completed and 10 TQEs are due
2/11-12 - Annotated bibliography due (10 sources)
2/4-5 - List of 10 sources due
1/28-29 - Make sure that a final research text is chosen and has enough resources available

 Journal Entries (Must be completed whether absent or in class)

1. TQE for "Dream Variations"
2. With assigned position (dead/alive) persuade me concerning the American Dream from that position
Sample Author Listing

 J.D. Salinger

 Joseph Heller

 Kurt Vonnegut

 Toni Morrison

 Ray Bradbury

 Stephen Crane

 F. Scott Fitzgerald

 Ernest Hemingway

 William Faulkner

 John Steinbeck

 Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Harriet Beecher-Stowe

 Herman Melville

 Mark Twain

Henry James 

John Updike 

Henry David Thoreau Nathaniel Hawthorne  D. H. Lawrence Edith Wharton
Marking Term 2
1/14-15 - MCA vocabulary section
1/7-8 - All journals due 
Vacation:  Sleep, relax, and be ready for your research essay!  WOOOOOOOO! 
12/21-22 - Final essay due 
12/17-18 - Final group projects due
12/14-15 - Vocab quiz
12/9-10 - Rough drafts due 
             - Vocabulary sentences due
11/20-23 - Begin "Social Networking" small group project 
11/18-19 - Formative review
               - Core Paper assigned - Essay outlines due on 11/24-25 
11/16-17 - Have all 451 response questions completed 
              - Finish reading 451 and final entries are due

--- Response Questions:

  1. How has the relationship between Guy and his wife changed from the start of the book to now?  How is their relationship portrayed?
  2. p. 58 – How is equality portrayed?
  3. What reasoning has been given for books being burned?
  4. How is the current state of this nation in comparison to the rest of the world?
  5. How is “love” portrayed?
  6. p.47 – Detail significance/impact
  7. Concerning his job, what has happened to Guy and his outlook of work?  What does Beatty say about this?
  8. Who is Faber?  What role does he play to this point?
  9. What does the final conversation/conflict between Beatty and Guy represent?
11/10-12 - Complete reading next 40 pages and create two personal character entries (p. 120)
11/6-9 - Complete reading the next 40 pages and create two personal character entries (p.80)
11/4-5 - Complete reading through p. 40 and create two personal character entries

Journal - (thesis statement, 2 body paragraphs, and 2 quotes)

1.  How does imagery in the first 6 paragraphs influence the character?
2.  G- Compare and contrast the short story "The Flowers" to the poem "Strange Fruit" using poetic and literary elements
     W- How does the poet's use of poetic elements emphasize the purpose and message in the poem "Strange Fruit"
3.  Using the poem "Picture Puzzle Piece" what effect and purpose is there to the extended use of imagery in this poem?     Consider what each instance suggests and how the closing puts all of these into a single perspective.
    Lastly, what audience do you believe this poem is projected toward?  Why?
    Write thesis statement and 2 body paragraphs
4. Using the poem "The Loser" consider a likely moral to the poem.  What is the poet’s real message from this poem?
Now write your own situation that illustrates this moral.  Create your own character and storyline to write a narrative, story, or poem. (1 page)
5.  Choose a book at random and read through only the first 5 pages, making sure to focus on the setting of the story.  Write a thesis statement and two body paragraphs that illustrate how the story's setting effects and influences the (choose two) character, situation, or mood.  
6. Pt.1  ---
Choose a point in history that you know a lot about
Where is this point in history focusing on (Medieval France, Y2K New York, Ancient Egypt, etc.)
What does this region look like? (list 5 details – weather, landscape, population)
What types of things are going on in this region? (list 3 – shopping, hunting, frolicking)
What characters are going to be used in this situation (Can be real or fictional)
How do these people feel about this time, place, and all of the goings on?
Prompt: Using all of these features write a short excerpt about the characters and location by focusing on the setting and how that setting helps to portray the characters and how they feel about the place in which they live.
pt. 2
Swap stories with the person next to you.
Read their story in full (without asking for any story clarification, deal with what you’ve got)
Beneath their story or on another piece of paper write back to this story by describing how the setting actually influenced the character and story to see if the author was accurate in their use of setting.
Swap back and read what was said about your paper, did the setting used actually succeed in its purpose?  Did the reader find that the character was accurately enhanced with the added use of setting or did the reader find the character to be different than you intended. Discuss with partner.

7. Compare and contrast "Fahrenheit 451" and Equilibrium in 2 body paragraphs (Theme-Coming of Age and character/setting/etc) 

Marking Term 1



10/29 - 10/30  
10/26 - 10/27   -  Vocabulary quiz #5
                        -  Final Short Story due
10/22 - 10/21   -  MCA
10/20 - 10/19   - Rough draft completed
10/16 - 10/13     Vocabulary sentences due
10/9 - 10/8   Vocabulary quiz #4
                    -  Final Narrative Accounts due
10/5 - 10/6   -   Vocabulary quiz #3
                    -  Vocabulary sentences due
10/1 - 10/2  -  Narrative draft due
10/1 - 9/30   - 3 paragraph response due -- "Why did they do it?" (Discussion of character motivation)
9/29 - 9/28   - Vocabulary sentences due 
9/25 - 9/24   - Vocabulary quiz
9/21 - 9/22   - Vocabulary paragraph/sentences due 
9/17 - 9/18 - Vocabulary quiz
9/17 - 9/16 - "Hills Like White Elephants" Response Question: "Are the symbols or is the discussion between Jig and the American more evocative of the story's meaning?"  --Follow thesis/topic sentence outline to answer this question.  Then create both body paragraphs proving your choice is the right one. (Make sure to use a counterarguement for proof)
9/11 - 9/10 - Coat of Arms and written responses due/discussed
                   - Vocabulary paragraphs due
9/9 - 9/8    - Outline for "My Last Duchess" and "The Cask of Amontillado" narrator similarity and difference essay evaluated
9/2 - 9/3    - Complete Response to Lit. question on "The Cask of Amontillado"
Short Answer:  On lined paper write your response using at least one textual reference in 1-2 pages.

        Although sickly, drunk, and in creepy caverns covered in deadly chemicals, Fortunato continues his descent at the heels of Montresor.  What happens prior to entering the cavern or while inside that causes Fortunato to continue?  (Things to consider: What does Montresor say and do, what is the goal, why is this goal of interest to Fortunato?)


Journal Entries:  Entries should be close to a full page if not longer (unless otherwise specified).

1.  Gr: Do you understand why Montresor did what he did or was it too far? Have you ever wanted revenge? What was it? Did you?
2.  Both "The Cask of Amontillado" and "My Last Duchess" are told through the eyes of your narrator.  Choose one story and tell what happened through the eyes of either Fortunato or the Duchess.