Campbell Drive Middle School Syllabus for

Intensive Reading

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As mandated by MDCPS, all students in grades 6-8, scoring at Reading level 1 or 2 on the 2011 FCAT who require intensive intervention in vocabulary and comprehension must be scheduled in an Intensive Reading (IR) class. Passport Reading Journeys combines high-interest reading expeditions with research-based instruction to capture interest and accelerate learning. Passport Reading Journeys transports students with compelling stories and topics delivered with vigorous instruction in fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension  Students will be engaged in a variety of novel studies and projects throughout the year to support and reinforce the pleasure of reading rich literature.  Titles are at the discretion of each teacher.



  • Voyager Beginnings: Grade 6
  • Voyager Journeys I:  Grade 7
  • Voyager Journeys II:  Grade 8
  • In addition, students will be given a literature textbook to leave at home for home learning assignments.



Approximately 30 minutes should be allotted nightly for homework. Students will be given a sufficient amount of time to complete long-term assignments. 



In determining student grades, teachers will include the following for credit:  class work, homework, tests, quizzes, essays, projects, and class participation.  Absentees are given the responsibility to ask the teacher for makeup assignments.  Excused absentees will be given one week to make up any assignments missed upon their return.  Progress reports are sent home every 4 ½ weeks and report cards are issued every 9 weeks.  The grading scale used is the same throughout MDCPS:

  • 90% to 100% = A = 4 points in the gradebook
  • 80% to 89%   = B = 3 points in the gradebook
  • 70% to 79%   = C = 2 points in the gradebook
  • 60% to 69%   = D = 1 point in the gradebook
  • 59% to 0%     = F =  0 point in the gradebook



Reading classes follow a weekly instructional focus calendar centered around the required subject matter tested on the state mandated FCAT 2.0 Reading and FCAT 2.0 Writing tests.  All benchmarks and standards are taught throughout each 9 week cycle.  Enrichment is given through free after school tutorial programs.



CDMS follows the testing calendar found on the MDCPS website,

Please note the following important dates for testing:


Testing Window



Given 3 times :

  • Aug. 29-Oct. 18
  • Nov. 29-Feb. 2
  • April 4-May 23

Florida Assessments for Instruction in Reading (FAIR)—a computerized state-mandated reading test

All students who scored levels 1 or 2 on the 2010 Reading FCAT 2.0

February 28-March 1

FCAT 2.0 Writing


April 16-27

FCAT 2.0 Reading






High-interest Text engages, informs and increases concept knowledge in science and social studies, and provides multiple opportunities for relevant discussions.


Fifteen 10-day Expeditions, introduced with exciting videos, feature topics of pressing importance to adolescents.??


The Passport Reading Journeys Library brings to the classroom a diverse collection of Lexile®-leveled, award-winning novels and magazines for independent and partnered reading.

Strategic Online Learning Opportunities (SOLO) gives students exciting online practice with instant feedback.??


Explicit Instruction provides the extra help struggling adolescent readers need.


Collaborative Learning opportunities, supported by research, build independence and provide peer-based support.??