Class Rules and Guidelines

Class Rules

·   Attend school daily.

·        Complete and turn in all required assignments.

·        Be inquisitive! Ask questions until you are sure that you understand.

·        Attend review sessions offered before every exam or quiz.

·        Become involved in classroom discussions and laboratories.

·        Respect others and they will respect you.

·        Food belongs in the cafeteria area and not in this class.

·        Use the restroom and get water before you come to class.

·        Cell phones, CD players, MP3 players, and other electronic devices should be left at home or in your locker. Any device seen will be confiscated and turned in to your grade level principal.

·        Have Fun and Smile!

Classroom Guidelines

§         Be prepared and on time. Always bring pen/pencil, and binder.

§         Be considerate of others. Do not talk while the teacher is talking.

§         Follow directions. Listen attentively.

§         Cooperate and communicate with others.

§         Participate and ask questions.

§         No eating or drinking in class.

§         Avoid absences.

§         Follow the dress code.


Late Work Policy
  • Refer to your student handbook.