TEXT:  Integrated Physics and Chemistry (Glencoe Science)
DESCRIPTION:  Physical Science deals with matter and energy.  The first half of the year is spend studying physics in the areas of motion, forces, energy, work, machines, electricity, magnetism, waves, sound, light, mirrors, and lenses.  The second half of the year is spent studying chemistry in the areas of classification and states of matter, atoms, the periodic table, chemical bonds, organic compounds, solutions, chemical reactions, acids, bases, and salts.  . 


3-Ring Binder and Loose Leaf Paper or a Spiral Notebook, College Rule;

Blue or Black Ink Pens

No. 2 Pencils and/or Soft Lead Mechanical Pencil

Notebook for Lab (this notebook will only be used for lab activities)

Scientific calculator



Classwork /Homework                                                      20% of grade

Major Tests and Projects                                                   50% of grade

Labs Activities/Quizzes                                                      30% of grade


Regular Assignments: 

Each Chapter is divided into various sections.  There is a Section Review following each Section.  All of the questions for each Section Review must be completed.  The specific dates will be posted when assignment is given.  Vocabulary will be addressed through the use of a crossword puzzle or other similar means.  Other class work will be assigned as needed.  Due dates will be placed on the board on a regular basis. Each student will be given one copy of each assignment; if the assignment is lost they are still responsible for it.

Outline of Areas FALL OF 2008

Ch 1 The Nature of Science

Ch 2 Motion and Speed

Ch 3 Forces

Ch 4 Energy

Ch 5 Work and Machines

Ch 6 Thermal Energy

Ch 7 Electricity

Ch 8 Magnetism and Its Uses

Ch 9 Radioactivity and Nuclear Reactions

Ch 10 Energy Sources

Ch 11 Waves

Ch 12 Sound

Ch 13 Electromagnetic Waves

Ch 14 Light

Review for 1st Semester Exam

1st Semester Exams Ch 2—14

 SPRING 2009

Introduction to Class

Ch 1 The Nature of Science

Ch 16 Solids, Liquids, and Gases

Ch 17 Classification of Matter

Ch 18 Properties of Atoms and the Periodic Table

Ch 19 Chemical Bonds

Ch 20 Elements and Their Properties

Ch 21 Organic Compounds

Ch 23 Solutions

Ch 24 Chemical Reactions

Ch 25 Acids, Bases, and Salts

Review for 1st Semester Exam

2nd Semester Exam Chapter 16-21, 23- 25