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Achieving Academic Excellence and Individual Expression Through The Arts

At Noel Community Arts School we strive to achieve exceptional academic and artistic success through hard work and responsible actions. We exhibit excellence in character through kindness, respect, and the courage to do what is right. Our differences enhance our humanity.

What's Happening in Our Class

Monday 12/10 All week students will be dressing in their favorite fashions from the 60s-90’s.  Who will have the best costume?

Tuesday 12/11 For the final dress rehearsal for our NCAS Winter Performing Arts Showcase classes will be shortened.

Wednesday 12/12 We continue to prepare for our Math academic testing.  Parents, please continue to help and encourage students.

Thursday 12/13 is Math academic testing prep day.  While looking good in our favorite 60’s-90’s attire who will look the best and score the highest? 

Friday 12/14 is Math academic testing day.  This is what we’ve all been waiting for.  Others may be waiting to see who won the best costume award. 

Classroom Notes!


Birthdays! Amy, Mary (12/10) and Joe, Scott, Jane (12/12)

Congratulations to Renae Bailey-Daniels the winner of our Back-to-School Night parent survey, and recipient of a $15 Gift Card!

Your feedback and involvement is important to us. Keep your eye out for other raffles and drawings at future events!

Next week we begin learning about engineering.  How water parks are able to function as they do.

Thank you parents that have signed up to assist with the Winter Performing Arts Showcase on Tuesday.  We still have several volunteer slots to fill.  Please call us at (720) 424-0920 to sign up. 

A friendly reminder to begin Getting Ready for Snow Days

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