LaBonne's Learning Connection

-Today in class... (3/14/2013)

Parents: Please encourage your child to be prepared for class each day with their textbook, workbook, and pencil. Thank you!

  • Language Arts (Periods 1, 2, and 6):
    • Subject and Object Pronouns
  • Literature (Periods 5, 7, and 8):
    • Similes and Metaphors Review
    • Review of "Emperor's New Clothes"

-Homework Hotline:

  • Monday 3/11
    • Language Arts:
      • No Homework
    • Literature
      • Finish reading "The Emperor's New Clothes"
      • Worksheet 105
  • Tuesday 3/12:
    • Language Arts:
      • No Homework
    • Literature:
      • Finish reading "Emperor's New Clothes" and finish worksheet 105 for tomorrow
  • Wednesday 3/13:
    • Language Arts:
      • No Homework
    • Literature:
      • Foldable (Simile and Metaphor)
  • Thursday 3/14:
    • Language Arts:
      • Study for "Emperor's New Clothes" Comprehension Test (Plus similes and metaphors)
    • Literature:
      • Study for spelling, root word, and bellringer tests!
  • Friday 3/8:
    • Language Arts:
      • Have a great weekend!
    • Literature:
      • Have a great weekend!

-Daily SNAPPLE Fact

I will no longer be updating the Daily SNAPPLE fact as of 2/4/13. Thank you.

  • Monday 1/28: 

How fast does a sneeza travel out of your nose?

A) 50 MPH


C) 200 MPH

  • Tuesday 1/22:

Pigs get sunburned- TRUE (CORRECT) or False?

  • Wednesday 1/30:

How many people do you share your birthday with in the world?

A) 3 million

B) 6 million

C) 9 million (CORRECT)

  • Thursday 1/31:

On average, how many acres of pizza do Americans consume daily?

A) 10 acres

B) 18 acres (CORRECT)

C) 24 acres

  • Friday 1/25:
If you keep a fish in a dark room, it will eventually turn white? True (CORRECT) or False

Questions? Concerns? Please feel  free to CONTACT ME: 574.654.0215 or

-Leveling with LaBonne:

Dear Families,

Hello! Hope all is well. My name is Kory LaBonne and I am your child’s teacher candidate in Mrs. Moore’s classroom this semester. I will be working with your child through the last week of March. I am currently studying Secondary English Education at Indiana University South Bend earning my degree this coming May.

As a teacher candidate, I will be working closely with Mrs. Moore planning and teaching lessons.  Prior to working with Mrs. Moore, I worked full-time at South Central Elementary school as a Special Education Instructional Assistant, at New Prairie High School as the Mentoring Coordinator, and have been an active substitute teacher within the New Prairie Corporation for over five years. Over the course of my undergraduate study, I have completed over 100 hours of classroom observation in different buildings in the South Bend, Mishawaka, and Penn Harris Madison school corporations but am excited to have been placed at New Prairie Middle School for my final student teaching.

I am thoroughly looking forward to working with and getting to know your student. That being said, I also look forward to hearing from and getting to know you as well. If at any time during the semester you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone (listed below). I have also created a website ( that I will update daily with the material covered in class for that day as well as any homework that was assigned. This resource will be used to keep an open line of communication as we move forward in the semester.

Lastly, while I do not anticipate any behavioral disruptions, I do have one single class rule being that all students show respect. I will be asking the question, “Are you showing respect?” as means of verbally reminding students to remain on task if need be. As one classroom unit, we show respect to our teachers, to our peers and other classmates, and lastly, to ourselves.

I am looking forward to a great semester with your student. Again, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. Have a great day!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         - Kory LaBonne

-Are you showing RESPECT?

 What does RESPECT look like? 

R -- Reach for the stars

R -- Responsible students complete assignments on time

R -- Respect yourself and others

R -- Rise above your problems

R -- Responsible students are prepared for class

E -- Everyone can do their best

E -- Expect success

E -- Enjoy learning

S -- Strive for success

S -- Smile and have fun

S -- Share with others

S -- Set reasonable goals for yourself; then work on them

S -- Strive for success

S -- Schedule time to complete homework

S -- Study each night 

P -- Prompt in all ways

P -- Prepared to work

P -- Productive for the entire class period

P -- Polite to all

P -- Play fairly

P -- Participate in class

P -- Prepare for the future by studying now

P -- Practice makes perfect

E -- Enter ready to learn

E -- Establish good study habits

E -- Erase negative thinking

C -- Consider others

C -- Care for our classroom

C -- Cooperate with your classmates

C -- Challenge yourself

T -- Take time to check supplies every morning

T -- Think before you act

T -- Treat yourself and others with respect

T -- Try your best

T -- Teach someone something new