Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events; December:

-Sons of the American Revolution Presentation; December 1st

  • At the Library, Saturday 12 PM
  • Any students who attend the presentation and gives a short 1 paragraph essay about their experience at the event can receive 10 extra credit points towards their final grade.

-PTA Meeting; December 7th

  • Inside the School’s Auditorium; Friday 8 PM
  • Parents can get involved and speak out on any issue of importance to our schools!

-Winter Break;  December 24th - 31st
Schools and Administration Buildings are closed


Homework 11/17 - 11/23:

  • Read pages 74 - 105 CH 3 North American Colonies in the Early 18th Century
  • Study for First Exam! Study Guide will be passed out in class!
    The exam will cover Native American societies in the Pre-Columbian era, British and Spanish colonization of the Americas, and their relationship with Native societies

Homework 11/10 - 11/16:

  • Read Pages 41 - 73 CH 2 Native American Society on the Eve of British Colonization
  • Complete Questions at the end of the Chapter; due at 11/13
  • Write a 2 Page paper describing the relationship between the Native Americans and the English settlers in North America; Must include Jamestown, Virginia and New England; Make sure to cite all source, feel free to cite Crash Course as well!
    Research Paper Rubric

Suggested Activities:
Watch Crash Course US History 3
Explore Colonial-Indian Relations article
Feel free to explore the whole website!


Homework 11/5 - 11/9:

  • Read Pages 1 - 35 of US History Textbook; CH 1 Pre-Columbian Era Societies
  • Complete Questions at the End of the Chapter; due at 11/7
  • Be sure to get a feel of the diversity of Native American tribes in North America at the time. We will be discussing this in class on Tuesday, November 6th
  • Study for Quiz on Friday; 10 Questions on CH 1

Suggested Activities:
Watch Crash Course US History 1
Watch Crash Course US History 2

Crash Course US History is a great series to watch to get a short 10 minute review of the Chapter.
Feel free to watch ahead in order to get a feel for the next few chapters!