Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights 11/17 - 11/23

Majority of the week was used to prepare for the first exam and with all the exams graded, I'd like to announce who did the very best in the class!

First, the class average though: 77.6 

And Bradley Simmons with a 96 had the highest grade in the class!


Next week we will begin the 18th century and focus on the prelude to the American Revolution
Specifically the Seven Years War (or the French and Indian War) and its aftermath effects on the North American colonies.

Weekly Highlights! 11/10 - 11/16

A 2 page paper was assigned and due on 11/16. This first research paper was a comparison between the British relationship with Natives and the Spanish relationship with the Natives. The paper with the highest grade was a 98 by Melissa Starks! 

She did a fantastic job highlighting the many similarities and differences between colonizers and their relationship with the Natives while also mentioning the many differences between colonizers. The British focused on cultivating settlements in North America while the Spanish focused on replacing the elites of Native Societies with themselves and did not focus on settlement as much.


Weekly Highlights! 11/5 - 11/9

On 11/7, the class was assigned a journal entry imagining yourself as one of the first English settlers in North America and describe your first interactions with the Native Americans?
What were your feelings? Afraid? Nervous? Excited? Cautious? All of the Above? The most common feeling among the class was a mixture of cautiousness and fear. 

However, despite the fear shared amongst the students, there was also some excitement that a mutually beneficial relationship based on trade could be formed between the settlers and the Natives. The settlers needed food and were happy to trade tools such as axes and cloth for corn.