Philosophy of Education

Students learn by doing.  Teachers need to actively engage their students in
the process of discovery.  Students should be provided with opportunities to
develop critical thinking skills and a deeper understanding of content
knowledge.  Learning is active.  The teacher needs to create an environment
that encourages cooperation and mutual respect.  Students need to feel safe
and valued as part of the class and as a member of the school and
community.  Learning is a lifelong process for the student and the teacher. 
Teachers need to model their own desire for knowledge both in and out of

Teachers need to connect classroom knowledge to real life situations. 
Students need facts and memorization skills as a mental anchor to develop
critical thinking ideas and theories.  Teachers need to incorporate
information that has stood the test of time while always exploring new
creative ways to facilitate knowledge.

School should be a fun place to be.  Learning should be done through
experience and enjoyment.  Children embody wonder.  The teacher's goal is to
guide, enstill, and encourage student curiosity so that they can take the
joy of learning out of the classroom and into the real world.