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Welcome to Mr. Mari's AP US Spring Break Assignment Page!!!!!!


Below you will find a list of topics that will be covered:


1. The Stock Market Crash of 1929

2. The Great Depression

3. The Dust Bowl and Massive Migration

4. The Election of Franklin D. Roosevelt

5. New Deal and Worker Programs


The Following are a list of Questions you are to complete before we return from break.

Please use the sources below as a tool to help you analyze and answer the questions.


1. Why did the economy collapse after the stock market crash?

2. How did the Great Depression affect the American people and change the government?

3. Why do you think the government had to change to help people during the Great depression?

4. Do you think the role of government should be during a period of economic stagnation or decline?

5. What do the following acronyms stand for and what are their purposes: NRA, WPA, FDIC and CCC?

6. How were Roosevelt's policies different from Hoovers?

7. In what ways is the Tennessee Valley Authority a typical example of Roosevelt New Deal?

9. What challenges did women face during the Great Depression?

10. How would you describe New York City during the Great Depression? What would be the individual impact?

11. Why were many Mexican Americans expelled from the country during the Great Depression?

12. What were the causes of the Dust Bowl?

13. How did movies and radio help Americans during the Great Depression?

14. How did Roosevelt try to increase morale during the sluggish economy?

15. How did the Dustbowl affect the lives of countless families in the central United States? How did this change the landscape of the country?


The following are additional resources you may use to anaylze/ review

information prior to answering the questions (click the links)


1. Market Crash of 1929

2. WPA

3. Civilian Conservation Corps

4. Franklin D. Roosevelt (incl. Fireside Chats)

5. The Dustbowl (First Hand Accounts)

6. The Great Depression and the New Deal

7. Rural Programs (The New Deal)

8. The New Deal Timeline

9. Multimedia (Youtube) on the Great Depression -NEW YORK SPECIFIC