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Welcome to our classroom website!  This site was created as a resource for parents and students.  Please browse the links to the left to find information on classroom procedures, homework policies, homework assignments, and more.  Please use the link below to email any questions or concerns that you may have about our website.


Our site has a variety of resources that will explain some of the things we'll be doing in our classrooom throughout the year.  It also features several tools that will help your student to be responsible and successful 3rd graders.  For each of the links on the left, there is a short description to tell what kind of information and/or resources may be found on each page. 

  • Procedures
    • This page tells all about how our classroom is run every day.  Look here to find the classroom rules and expectations for behavior, class work, and homework.
  • Homework
    • This page is used to list students' assignments on a weekly basis.  Here you can find downloadable copies of your child's homework.  These can be accessed at any time and provide a great resource for students who have lost an assignment or simply need to catch up after an absence.
  • RISE
    • The acronym RISE stands for Reading Is Simply Essential.  This refers to an important part of each child's daily homework.
  • Newsletters
    • Newsletters will be sent home weekly as well as uploaded to our site.  Check in to see what's new in Mr. Meredith's classroom!