Business in the English Valleys

Assignment #1 10/10

Think of your favorite song, band, movie, or actor. Do you think they're the greatest in their respective fields? Someone else probably does too.

Using the internet as a resource, find three (3!) people online who agree with you point of view. Copy and paste their agreeing statements/sentences/paragraphs into a word document along with the URL (http:// etc.) it came from. Points will be awarded for how closely your source's view matches your own.


Assignment #2 10/11

Go to a news source online (New York Times, CNN, NPR, Des Moines Register, CR Gazette, etc.). Go to the technology section. Read an article that interests you. Email me a link to the article along with at least 5 full sentences explaining how the new technology could/would affect your life.

Extra Credit (30 points)

Think of one of your hobbies or interests. For extra credit, using one of those hobbies/interests, tell me about a blog you would start. More specifically, design what your home page would look like in Microsoft Word or some other program (15/30 points). For the remaining points, type 5 sentences each (15 total), on what your first three posts would be about (15/30 points).

For example, I would write about Bob Dylan. I would make a homepage that had his name, some pictures of him, and some links to where you can buy/listen to his music. I might also include links to his own website and his tour page. Then there would be links to my blog pages themselves, usually by title and date. So on 10/9/12 maybe I wrote a post called "Hendrix's 'All Along the Watchtower' is the greatest cover version of a Dylan song." Next would be a link to a post from 10/2/12 called "Dylan meets the Beatles: The defining moment of modern rock and roll." etc. and so forth. For this assignment, you would tell me the name of those first three posts and type five sentences for each telling me what you would say on this hypothetical blog (15 points).

Email me all components of this assignment by midnight on Sunday (11:59pm CST) for extra credit. Later extra credit will not be accepted. If you create your homepage in Word or another program, you will have to save it to the computer first and then attach it in your email. If you have any questions, please let me know.