Student Page

Weekly Assignments:

Monday: Read Ch. 10 on the Civil War and answer Review Questions 1-5 on pg.136

Tuesday: Finish Worksheet if you did not finish it in class

Wedneday: Study for Thursday's quiz over Ch. 10

Thursday: Quiz Day so no homework Laughing

Friday: Begin Civil War Paper (Information below)


Civil War Paper: This week in class you will select a general from either the Confederate Army or the Union Army. Then, you will research them and write a two to three page paper on them. We will haveĀ a day or two in the computer lab to research and write, and you will have to finish the rest on your own time. Included in the paper should be what big battles was the general in, what he did before/after the war if he survived, and anything interesting or you feel that we should know about your general. This paper is due on November 27th.

Basic Classroom Rules/Expectations

  1. Respect other by being quiet when either I or one of your peers is speaking
  2. Do your own work and do not cheat.
  3. I expect all work to be turned in on time. There will be deductions if the assignment is late.
  4. If you have a question or comment, please raise your hand until I call on you.
  5. Please be seated and quiet when the bell rings for class to begin.
  6. Food or drinks must be approved by me before you eat or drink them in class.
  7. Feel free to email me or contact me at anytime if have question about class or an assignment.

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