Behavioral Expectations

Behavioral Expectations

Positive Behavior Awards


Just as there should be consequences for not following the rules, i believe that younger students should be rewarded for following them as it will help reinforce the positive behaviors and turn them into good habits for the future.  As such i have created the McDuck bucks to reward students.  

If a student turns in all homework assignments and only accumulates two verbal warnings by the end of the week, he/she will receive a one McDuck Buck.  Other instances of rewarding McDuck bucks may occur at various times in the school year, and they can even be rewarded for students staying on task for long periods of time.

Once the student accumulates three McDuck Bucks, the student can redeem them for any of the following rewards:
1. Homework pass (good for a 98 on any one homework assignment of their choice.  Note: major projects are excluded from this.)2. Five points extra credit on the next test
3. 15 minutes of free time in the classroom.
4. 15 minutes on their laptop (can play educational games, etc..)
A running total of the awarded McDuck Bucks will be kept and displayed.  When the class accumulates seventy McDuck Bucks, there will be a pizza, popcorn and movie day. 

Behavior Plans:

Sometimes students have difficulty following the rules in the classroom. If this is the case, a conference between myself, the student, and their parents/guardians will be called to come up with a behavior plan for the student. Parents/guardians will always be involved in creating this plan as they will need to be supportive of its requirements. Both the student, the parent(s)/guardian(s) and I will sign the behavior plan once it is agreed upon. The behavior plan will identify the behavior that needs to be changed, the behavior that needs to be exhibited, the consequences for breaking the behavior plan, and what the student gains for correctly going through with the plan. While some students really need plans in order to succeed in class, others will not need them.  These are on a case by case basis and will be used as needed.