Classroom Rules and Discipline Plan

Below please find the rules and consequences for our classroom.

Classroom Rules:

1. Respect everyone and everything in the classroom

2. Follow Directions

3. Always raise your hand if you wish to speak

4. Keep your hands and feet to yourself

5. Do your best!



If students choose not to follow the rules of the classroom there will be consequences.  I have come up with a system that allows the student to be able to correct their behavior before it escalates and their parents or guardians will need to be notified.  You can find my system below and each number represents an instance of the student not following the classroom rules. As i believe that each student has the ability to follow the rules that we as a class came up with, students start each day fresh on the scale.

1. A verbal warning will be issued, reminding the student of the rules so they can make better choices.

2. A note will be sent home to the students parents/guardians which they must sign and return to prove they have seen it.

3. A phone call to the students parents/guardians will be placed to discuss the issue.

4. A parent/guardian - teacher - student conference will be scheduled to discuss the behaviors in person and work on an acceptable solution for everyone involved.


Please note that if a student is being physically or verbally abusive, he or she will be immediately removed from the classroom and sent to the principal.