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STEP 1 Create a Document in Google Docs. Please title it "Immigration "Period" "Your last name"". This Google doc will be your scrapbook for this assignment
You will need to go to the dictionary to look up these words and write them into your Scrapbook.
ancestor |inspection |migration |famine | newcomer |deport| detain
Find the definitions of Old Immigrant and New Immigrant online.
Ellis Island Tour
1). Take the complete Ellis Island Tour. Copy five photos that you find interesting onto your Google Docs document. You must answer these questions and put them into your Google Docs document!
2) When did the Ellis Island Immigration Station open?
3) Why was it built?
4) List AND EXPLAIN the steps in the arrival process. What would a future immigrant want to know about the process before coming?
Angel Island Home Page
1. Go to Historic Sites - Immigration Station. Read about the West Coast Immigration Station. Be sure to check out the ANGEL/CAM and photo gallery. ANSWER IN DOCS:
2)When did the Angel Island Immigration Station Open? Why was it built?
3) What was the difference in processing time between Ellis Island and Angel Island? Write at least two sentences explaining why there might be a difference in the experiences of the immigrants at Ellis and and those at Angel?
4) What were 'paper sons' and 'paper daughters' ?
Tenement Museum
1. Over 10,000 people lived at 97 Orchard Street between the years 1870 and 1915.
2. Click on several floors and take notes on who has lived there in l870 and 1915. What changes did you note? What can you conclude about the families and neighborhood at each time in history by the changes you observed?
3. How did the families organize their space?
4. Make a list of activities that took place in each room.
5. What things take place in your home today that do not or could not in 1900?

1. Click on the link.
2. Summarize your findings by copying the chart at the bottom of the page.
3. In the years from 1880-1900, what nationalities were the most dominant group of immigrants?

Personal reflection piece.
What have you learned about immigration?
Who in your family immigrated to the United States? What country did they come from.
Collect ten immigration photos from the internet. Photos must be from 1860-1900. You also need to include a short caption (1 sentence) that explains who is in the photo or what is going on in the photo.


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