Mr. Robinson's 7th Grade Civics


Welcome Back Colts!!!

Welcome back for another wonderful school year at Nolan Middle School.  My name is Mr. Robinson and I would like to welcome both parents and students to this page which will be a valuable tool that I hope you will utilize throughout the year.  As seventh graders, much more can be expected from them as active learners as well as young citizens.  This course is designed to educate our soon to be adults on the roles and responsibilities of not just our government, but those who make it up, we the people.  Like in our Country's affairs, students will have an active roll in our classroom!    You will be able to access Study guides, past assignments, content related activities, as well as other useful information.  This website is the link between the three key players in a successful education.  The teacher, parent, and most importantly the student must all be involved in order to reinforce the material that is being learned.  This is the first year Civics will be taught at the seventh grade level, and I believe this will be a valuable asset in not only their development as students but citizens within our society as well.  Please explore the website and note that it will be updated frequently, so please check back for updates!

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