8th Grade Social Studies (Early U.S. History)

This page is dedicated to 8th Graders and their success in Social Studies.

Week of 8/15-8/16


Welcome Back!

1. Turn in Vocab.

2.Policies and Procedures

3. What is History?







Week 7 September 26--September 30

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Week 6 September 19--September 23

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The Zenger Trial






Week 5 September 12-September 16

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8th Grade Social Studies

Mr. Byrum

Room 240

Policies and Procedures



            Welcome to an exciting year in Social Studies! I take this course and your education very seriously, and it is my goal for you do so as well. My expectations for you are high, this class will be challenging, but through hard work and an open mind, we will all have a terrific year. This document is my policies and procedures page.


Classroom Rules:

  1. No food or drink in my classroom.
  2. No cell phones.
  3. No Ipods or other devices like it.
  4. No gum.
  5. Respect for the classroom, school, teacher, guests, and peers will be maintained at all times.
  6. I begin class promptly on the hour. You must be in your seat and ready for the class when I take roll. Failure to do so will result in a tardy.
  7. I end class promptly at 5 minutes until the hour. I expect 55 minutes of Social Studies every day.
  8. You may go to the restroom, drinking fountain, locker, 3 times per week. If you need to leave the classroom, you will need to present to me, at an appropriate time, your planner so that I can write the day, time, and destination in it. At every six weeks I will have a planner check, and those who have a perfect planner and no more than 3 “passes” will be rewarded. You may also trade a tardy for a pass.
  9. Homework and assignments are due on the due date. I will accept late assignments by one day for 50% credit. For every day you are absent, you get that many days to make up your work for full credit. Example: If I am absent on Monday and Tuesday, and an assignment was given on Monday and due on Tuesday, then my due date for the assignment is Thursday.
  10. I will post all assignments on my classroom website: http://mrshonbyrum.educatorpages.com/ and on my whiteboard in my classroom. Therefore, it becomes the students’ responsibility to ask for make-up work when returning from their absence.
  11. Plagiarism is serious and will not be tolerated. A student caught plagiarizing will receive zero credit for the assignment and an office referral.
  12. The notebook: You are to have a 5 subject notebook exclusively for Social Studies. Do not tear paper out of it, or doodle in it. This notebook will be collected periodically for a grade. You will receive a rubric for it soon. The 5 sections should be labeled in this order: Geography, History, Economics, Culture, and Current Events. A table of contents will be needed as well.
  13. Finally, this is the catch-all phrase. I take your education very seriously. Any behavior that distracts us from that goal will be dealt with appropriately.




Please write 3 goals for this school year.


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