1.  Gimkit


Gimkit is essential for assessing student knowledge.  The interaction is competitive among the students.  It allows not only competition, but also administers a review of the student’s knowledge on a given unit.

  1. Symbalooedu

 This site is excellent for organization.  It is also a valuable tool for interaction between the student and the teacher.  This is a user-friendly site and can be used by almost anyone.

  1.  PBS Media Learning


Besides this site being free, it has very much to offer.  It has resources that any teacher can use that are easily accessed.  The lesson plans are excellent, but there are also videos aligned by standards that can be used.  PBS always offers quality.

  1.  Smithsonian Learning Lab


The search button, and the results that are given are endless.  This is a great site for any subject.  Smithsonian says it all for credibility.  Things can be created on this site, but there are also resources that are ready for the classroom.

  1.  Discovery VR for Cardboard


This app has many links for virtual reality headsets that I would love to use in teaching history.  There is an app link that lists many other potential virtual reality apps also.  This link is…