"How can I help?"

Throughout the school year, there will be many opportunities for parents to help out.  For our field trips, we usually need from 1-4 chaparones.  During school carnivals, the school is always looking for volunteers.   Parent volunteers are also welcome in the classroom.  If you desire to help, but are unable to attend functions, you can donate items for the classroom.  We always need things like tissue boxes, band-aids, and healthy snacks.  We can also find uses for empty toilet paper/paper towel rolls, shoe boxes, and egg cartons (LaughingJust remember, your trash may be our treasure!Money mouth).  Additionally, you may choose to donate items for our treasure box.  Also, monetary donations are welcomed.  These may be used to purchase previously mentioned supplies, fund a class party, or to help a monetarily less fortunate family afford to purchase a graduation cap and gown for their student.  You can also help out by participating in fundraising efforts.  We do a grade level fundraiser to support our annual kindergarten field trip to the Children's Discovery Museum of the Desert.  We also raise money that is donated to help children with leukemia through a program called "Pennies for Patients."  Occasionally, the school has a fundraising night through Papa John's Pizza.  To participate in this, merely order Papa John's Pizza on the specified night and tell them you are ordering for the Mountain Vista Elementary School fundraiser, my name (Mr. Walker), and our room number (Room 502).  Another important way you can help is to spend academic time with your child -- read to them, help them with their homework, etc.  Finally, you can help by ensuring your child arrives to class on time everyday and scheduling any appointments (doctor, dentist, etc.) for after school.  There is no greater gift you can give our class than the gift of uninterrupted learning!Laughing