7th Civics

Lesson 1 - What is the state and purpose of government?

Unit Vocabulary Notebook Foldable

Foundations of Government PPT

Foundations of Government Guided Notes Page

Characteristics of a State Interactive Notebook Page


Introduction to Government Independent Packet


Lesson 2 - How did government begin?

Theories on How Government Began PPT

Theories on How Government Began Guided Notes Page

Theories on How Government Began Interactive Notebook Page

Theories on the Origin of Government Political Cartoon

Lesson 3 - What are the types of government?

Types of Government PPT

Types of Government GO Notes  

Modern Examples of Government Assignment


Forms of Government Station Readings

Forms of Government Interactive Notebook Page


Lesson 4 - What does a democracy look like?

Characteristics of Democracy PPT

Characteristics of Democracy Guided Notes

Democracy Interactive Notebook Page



Unit Vocabulary Review

Intro to Government Study/Review Guide

Quizlet Review

Kahoot Review...during class


Lesson 5 ~ What is citizenship and how is it granted?




US Citizenship Practice Test

Citizenship: Just the Facts Reading

Citizenship Graphic Organizer

Becoming a US Citizen - 3:05

Citizenship Fun Quiz

Options for Undocumented Immigrants - 6:13

Desperate Journeys Article

Desperate Journeys Questions


Lesson 6 ~ What are the duties & responsibilities of US citizenship?

Read p. 228-230 in The American Republic textbook

D& R Reading 1p. 228

D&R Reading 2 p. 229

D&R Reading 3 p. 230

Duties and Responsibilities Graphic Organizers

Duties and Responsibilities Notes

Duties and Responsibilities Storybook Directions & Rubric


Lesson 7 ~ What is the Constitution and its goals?

The Preamble

Anatomy of the Constitution Reading

Anatomy of the Constitution Questions


USCourts.gov - Info and Read Along

Preamble Notes Page

Preamble Vocabulary

Preamble Song Schoolhouse Rock


Principles of the Constitution Foldable - See Mr. W. for directions and reading.

Principles of the Constitution Text Reading


Principles of the Constitution Reading HW - Open in Kami

     Directions: 1. Read the text under the heading "Our Constitution"  2.  Highlight the definitions of the 7 principles reviewed in the reading.  3.  Answer questions 1-13 (skip 14) AND do the Check for Understanding in the spaces provided.  4.  Email complete work to Mr. W.


Three Ring Government - Three Branches GO

Three Ring Government Video

Three Ring Government GO

Qualifications Chart


Civics 101 Project

Lesson 8 ~ What is the Legislative Branch?


Legislative Branch GO

Bill to Law Video

Bill to Law Reading

Bill to Law GO Creation...After reading the text, use the Inspiration Maps App to create a graphic organizer tracing the different ways an idea can become a law.  Remember to include the different ways a bill can 'die' or be rejected along the way...and each step of the way. 


Tour of the Capitol #1

Tour of the Capitol #2 

Visual Timeline of Capitol Hill

In Celebration of the Capitol Dome and Restoration Project

Old Senate Chamber 360 View

US House Chamber


Lesson 9 ~ What is the Executive Branch?

Executive Branch GO

Executive Branch Reading


A Very Big Branch Reading

Question Page

True/False Review


Convene the Council - iCivics Simulation

Executive Command - iCivics Simulation

Win the White House - iCivics Simulation


Electoral College Article

Electoral College Questions


Virtual Tour of the White House 360

What's Inside the White House?

White House Museum

Air Force One

Tour of Air Force One

The Beast Updated in 2017


Lesson 10 ~ What is the Judicial Branch?

Overview of How the Supreme Court Works

Crash Course Supreme Court - Buckle Up!

Judicial Branch in a Flash Reading

Judicial Branch in a Flash Questions

Judicial Branch Bingo


Judicial Reading 1

Judicial Reading 2

Supreme Court Case Studies


Our National Places

Arlington Field of Honor Video 55min

Arlington Field of Honor Questions

Memorial Day Guided Questions