Colonial America

Europeans in North America

Using your eBook and our class discussion, complete the blank outline map.

1.  Log onto the eBook and go to Chapter 3, Place and Time.

2. Create the labels on your key and select four colors to shade the key and map.

3. Neatness and accuracy count.  Tip: Don't use the PENCIL tool.  Instead, use the highlighter tool so you can see the map features when done.

Early European Claims in America Map


The English Settle

Roanoke and Jamestown  3.1

Ch. 3-1 Guided Reading 

Ch. 3-1 Notes

Jamestown Questions and Answers

The Jamestown Colony -

John Smith and Pocahontas - Questions

Colonial American Radio Show


Extra Reading:

Roanoke Island Colony: Lost and Found? - NY Times Article


The New England Colonies  3.2

New England Colonies Tab Book

The Mayflower Compact - Primary Source Analysis

Mayflower Compact

3.2 Guided Reading

Legends and Realities of Thanksgiving - Article and Anlaysis

Thanksgiving - Legend or Fact Web Investigation - Link

Plymouth - Legend or Fact Web Investigation Questions

Jamestown and Plymouth Compare and Contrast

"Puritan" Life and Dissent in NE - NewsELA Article and Questions 

Salem Witch Trials Graphic Novel


The Middle and Southern Colonies  3.3 and 3.4 - Independent note taking skill practice

Middle and Southern Colonies Tab Books