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UPDATED  5-14--19

THREE weeks left!!!!  WOW, can you guys believe it?  This quarter we'll be taking Smarter Balance testing. It's the same test they took last year, but at the 6th grade level. They are important tests. We'll be reviewing and practicing our math and reading skills.

Ask how they are doing, and make sure they have an extra snack to eat during testing, a good night's sleep and plant a positive seed of encouragement!! 

THANK YOU!!  We are a TEAM!!  WE are Smarter Balanced test and I-Ready testing for the nest 3 weeks!!  Bring food and drink, it is comfort food, and relaxes them during testing.  THANK YOU


I-Ready party: Bring in a bag of something, we are testing and eating!! This Wednesday the 15th. Whoot Whoot!!  A note was sent home last week.  THANK YOU for your help!!!


Field Trips:

                         May 16 th Career Day

                          May 20 th    Applegate Lake

                          May 23 rd   Lithia Park

                          May 30 th   Little Hyatt

                          May. 31 st  Jet Boats

                          June 3 rd & 4 th   Jacksonville

                          June 3 rd     6th Grade Recognition 6:30

Talk with your kids about:

A.R. Goal

Check binder for organization 

Thank you parents!!

We are reflections of our children!! Swing by or e-mail me if you have questions. I have an "Open Door" policy. You're 1/3, the student is 1/3, and I am 1/3, the more we communicate the stronger the student becomes.yes


Objective for the WEEK:


We are working on the 6th grade curriculum in Math, Writing, Science, and Collections this week. Check the "GREEN" calendar/reading log.



Needs: T.G.I.F. rewards:  Old toys, board games, soda, chips 



                                                                                        THANK YOU!




            READING:   100 minutes  "Green Reading Log".   DUE: 5-20-19



      DAILY homework: LOOK on "Green Reading Log"

                                                        {If you're having difficulties reading your child's calendar, please let me know.} 


          Homework throughout the week




           WEDNESDAY:   I-Ready PARTY             






Weeks Over View:




              Read/Workbook:      Smarter Balanced Testing

              WORKING ON:                                                                WORKBOOK:  


              Unit of Study:                                                           Science Inquiry:  

                                                                                                                                                         Engineering Design:  

                WORKING ON:              


               WORKING ON:                   I-Ready testing and Smarter Balanced testing


                Area of study:               


A.R. Reading:

                  Your child should have an A.R. book, please check. A 3x5 card should be with the book, describing what they have read so far. They

                   were given their AR goals 

                WORKING ON:                  Comprehension



If you had one million dollars, what would you do first?  paragraph, spelling, grammar, typed, double spaced, one personification and organization being graded   (EXPIRES 4-30-19)   40 FRIDAY Tickets