Each week, the students will receive a study guide. The study guide is made up of two parts: the notes section and the question/answer section. We will complete the notes section in class, so there's no need to worry about that side at home. If you miss class, you may get the notes from another student who was present. The question/answer section of the study guide should be completed at home. All of the answers on the study guide should either be in your textbooks or can be answered based on the notes we took in class. Usually the answers will be in both your notes AND the textbook, so textbooks should be taken home to complete the assignment. The quiz questions will be based on the study guides, so it is very valuable to study them for the quizzes.


          These study guides must be shown to your teacher each Friday. I will check them and give them back to you so that you can study it over the weekend. If you don't show me your study guide on Friday, there will be a penalty of -25% each day it's late. After the following Tuesday, the study guide will not be worth any points. Homework is worth 10% of a student's grade.