Earth and Environmental Science Lectures


Students went over the Lab Safety rules of the classroom and what not to do in the Lab and how to preform with safe procedures.  Students also went over where the safety equipment in the classroom was located and how in case of emergency to operate different types of equipment.  Students was also introduced to GLP (Good laboratory practices) and how and why they are used in the lab setting.

Students are to do the What-not-to-do Lab exercises and the Lab safety worksheet that was given to them in class today.  Students are also to read GLP Handbook found at Students are to read Pages 7, 12, 35-40-Introduction to GLP and what is it.


Students reviewed the Scientific method and its procedures.  Students were able to identify the Independent and Dependent variables when conducting an experiment.  They were also made aware of the control group vs the experimental group.  The Students were informed they have a test coming up on 04Sep2012 that will cover the Lab safety rules and the Scientific Method.  Students were also reminded that they have a Lab Qualification on Friday 31Aug2012 to determine if they are proficient to other labs in Biology if they do not pass the Qualification (I.e. the lab experiment following the correct procedures, and the documentation such as the lab report) they will have to redo the qualfication next Friday while their classmates will be moving on to a different lab.  Students are encouraged to view the Links tab of the respective class to get vital information especially while the test is coming up I will post material there daily.!!!!!!