About Me

 I am not yet 6o years old.  The last time I checked, being in one's 50s 
is not fatal in itself.  I have been teaching English/Language Arts for 
twelve years in the Memphis and Shelby County systems.  Before teaching 
school, I was the president of a small construction/manufacturing company-a 
family business that my father founded.  The company was closed in 1999.
     I graduated from high school way back in 1975 and enrolled in the 
University of Tennessee at Knoxville.  I studied here for two years with no 
real plans and I gave up education to return home and join my father in his 
business.  We expanded and built on the company that he pioneered with a lot 
of hard work and sacrifice.  In time we became fairly successful and we both 
were proud of what we had done, although I was always disappointed with 
myself for not completing my education. My father passed away and I made the 
decision to sell the business and return to school to complete my degree. The 
University of Memphis awarded me a B.S. in English and a Master of Arts in 
     I decided to teach because I love to read.  I had found, from being in 
business-hiring and firing workers-that reading skills and math skills were 
poor in many young men and women, even those who had earned high school 
diplomas.  There is no reason not to have good/great reading and math skills 
by the end of high school.
     While teaching and education have been a big part of my life, I am also
 the proud father of four beautiful and talented children: Emily 
(29), Maddie (28), Andrew (25), and Brennan (22): and three grandchildren 
Jackson (7), Dawson (4), and Teagan (1).  Of my children, only Brennan 
is still a student at the University of Memphis (Maddie graduated from U.T. 
Martin and Andrew from MTSU).  I am a proud dad and granddad.  I now live in 
Germantown and I am extremely pleased to be returning to the WolfPack at Cordova 
High School this year.