Mr.Jones Class

Cool                                                                                     Mr.Jones Class

My Bio                                             If you have any questions or concers

                                                           you can call me at 708-345-3110 or email at.

My name is Eric Jones          or Ext 321.

and I will be your child                  Mr. Jones

Techaer for this year

So I'm happy to meet them.


1.Keep your hands off of people

2. Raise your hand to be acknowledge

3. Respect your teachers,princpal,assiant principal,yourself,classmates and others.                         

Events/ Activty

Open House Nov 7.

Report Cards Nov 8.

Picture Day October 5.

Field Trips

Later on the year the teachers havent decide.


5th grade teachers

Mr. E Jones

Mrs. J Jones

Mrs.K Greg


Later its alot!!!! of stuff call me okay.