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           Greeting Parents and Students, I just wanted to say thank you to all the parents whom have come out for their confrences. Next week I will be meeting with the girls parents/guardians. Also on Friday October 31 we will be having fall rotations. If you recieved a flier with a highlighted item please bring in the said item. Also if you have signed up and are cleared to volunteer please fill out the bottom portion and you may come in and assist during the rotations. As we are aware Halloween is on Friday the school has stated that students may wear the following; black and orange shirts, halloween shirts, or the school uniform. STUDENTS MAY NOT WEAR COSTUMES OR MASKS. Friday is still a school day. Finally there are updates in the Science and Social Studies Section, Math Section, as well as Reading sections. There is also a new section dedicated to our weekly poems. Here you can read them, print them, and practice with your student on home. Again thank you so much for all your dedication to your students education.  ~~As Always, MR. KCool]



         Hello Parents and Students! I have updated our reading, Social Studies/Science, and weekly reminder sections. I still need some volunteers for our Fall Rotation. Our fall rotation will be held on Friday October 31. If you can come in please notify me! Finally thank you for comming to our class site and being dedicated to your child's success both in and out of the classroom!


Mr. K



         Updates have been made in the following sections; Specials, Reading, Social Studies/Science, and weekly reminders. Please look over the changes and review if needed with your child. Also I will be checking Riverdeep assignments WEEKLY. This is to ensure your child is doing the work assigned. Students whom bring in the completed work will be rewarded. As of now Unit 1 and 2 for reading will be due on November 30th. The tests should not be completed before completing the actual assignments. Thank you for comming and check on back next week! 



WELCOME PARENTS AND STUDENTS! This is our classroom website. Here you will find weekly lessons in all subject areas, useful websites, fun activities to do at home, as well as other important information relating to the classroom and our school. I am very excited about the 2008/09 school year and look forward to teaching the children. Please come to the site on a weekly basis as I will be updating every Friday hopefully. Again thank you for all that you do and for comming to our class site!



Mr. K