Here you will find our weekly objectives for reading. You will also find tips to help your child become STAR READERS.




LETTER(S) OF THE WEEK---- Introducing /i/  and reviewing letters /s/, /m/,/a/, /p/, and /t/


WORD FAMILY OF THE WEEK---- Students will learn the /AN/ word family such as can, pan, man, etc. Students will                                                                        review /at/ and /am/ work families



READING STRATEGY OF THE WEEK----Reading for information, Sequence, Characters, Setting


NEW WORDS We have learned------  see, Like, I, A, Can, We, to, the



                                        STAR READING TIPS!!!

 1. Read at least 15 minutes per days

2.  Review new words of the week

3. Use the various websites located in the website portion of our class website

4.  Point to words as you read them (this helps students track the print and pick up on words)

 5. Always ask questions about what is being read.

6. Pick books that the children are into. They will respond better if it is a topic they enjoy

7. For learning the word families I suggest making flash cards. All you do is simply write the word on the card show your

    student and if they  get it right then you let them keep the card.

8. Finally READ READ READ!!!!!