What To Expect

  • You can expect you child to learn! 
  • We take kindergarten to a new level by expecting your child to learn to read!  We start with knowing the letters in order, and then out of order.  We continue to have high expectations as we then teach them the sounds of all the letters.  As they learn the sounds we start blending the sounds together and making simple words.  We then work to memorize 50 high frequency sight words.  Please practice at home.
  • We learn how to count to 40 and to recognize these numbers out of order.  We work on simple adding and subtracting.  We learn shapes and colors and simple sorting and graphing.  We count by 10's and we learn how to get to 100 and then we celebrate!
  • We expect your child to be respectful of other people.  We expect them to treat others the way they want to be treated.  We expect them to use their manners, to be kind to others, to wait until it is their turn to speak.  They learn to clean up after themselves, to take turns, to be brave and strong enough to not always get their way.  We expect them to act like big kids.  You can take advantage of these new skills and make my job easier if you will have simular expectations at home.  You may be delighted to see your child be more than willing to help you at home with jobs, and to be more respectful to you, if you expect it.  They will surprise you with their good attitudes and desire to impress you with their new skills.  Please reinvorce "The Golden Rule", and that "Hands are for Helping, not Hurting."
  • We expect your child to be able to work with you at home on these skills.  We will give you the tools and skills to be able to practice with your child at home.  Join us at "Parent Night" so that you can best support your child's educational needs at home.  If your child understands that you consider these learning goals important enough to spend time with them at home, we will see the success at school.  You are an important part of your child's learning.  Please have high expectations of learning and behavior. Learning can be a bonding experience.  We want the letters, words, numbers, and books to be a fun activity for each kindergartener.   They are learning and laughing at the same time.  It is wonderful and we hope you join us in the journey of helping your child have a strong foundation at school.  Learning is fun, and learning to read is one of the greatest gifts we can give a child.  As you help your child do their best, you will see their self esteem grow.  Your relationship will grow as you work together as oarent and child to be successful.