English 7- Syllabus, Expectations, Class Notes,...


Syllabus 2014-2015 School Year


                 We hope you had a GREAT Summer!!

English 7 Syllabus


 Mrs. Leann Alford

Maury River Middle School        Phone: (540) 463-3129

E-mails: leann_alford@rockbridge.k12.va.us 



Course Outline

Figurative Language, Vocab/Spelling, Elements of Literature, Diagramming Sentences, Punctuation Fiction/Nonfiction, Parts of Speech, Writing Personal Narratives, Sentence Structure, Independent Reading, Expository Writing, Research Project, and Analyze mass media messages

By the end of this course you will be able to: comprehend vocabulary on your grade level, read text meant for your grade level, label sentences, write several different types of text, research information used to complete projects.







Late home work will be penalized accordingly:

One day late- 10 point deduction

Two days late- 20 point deduction

Three days late- 30 point deduction (Homework will not be accepted after three days)

***If students have an excused absence they will have 3 days to complete their work for full credit.




          I expect you to keep up with your notebook.  Notebooks are expected to be neat and organized.  There will be a quiz grade each nine weeks on your notebook.  This will include neatness, as well as your ability to follow directions during class while building your notebook.


 Weighted Grades

 Homework              10%

 Classswork             20%

 Quizzes                 30%

 Tests/projects       40%


 Class Expectations

 Be on Time!

          **Every student must be in the room before the bell rings. 

 Be Respectful!

          **This includes not sitting on desks, keeping your hands and feet to yourself and not talking while someone else

                is talking.

  Be Prepared! Be Prepared! Be Prepared!

          **When you come to class, always bring a pencil with an eraser, lined notebookpaper, notebook(s), homework 

              (if we had any) and a positive attitude for learning.  Pencils need to be sharpened before class!  If you do not have a

             supply, pencil, paper, glue, etc…ask for this before class starts.  I will lend students supplies, they must be returned.

Binder/Notebook Setup

Composition Book/One Subject Notebook – Journal

Three Subject Notebook:   Section 1 – Bellwork, Section 2 – Vocabulary, Section 3 – Spelling

Binder – Binder pages will be numbered as they are complete.  We will keep a table of contents.

Two Pocket Folder – Tic-Tac-Toe forms and work to be completed.