Games and Activities

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  • Tangram House Move the Tangram pieces to recreate the puzzle shape.
  • Play Tangrams Try your luck at making puzzles from the Tangram Puzzle Pieces
  • Pentominoes Play this game and try to fit all of the pentominoes in each size rectangle!
  • MANY Math Games Choose from a variety of different math games and have fun! Especially try the perimeter and area which we will be learning soon!
  • Math Skill Builders AWESOME math games... tons here to do - TRY THEM, they are some skills we are working on! (especially fractions)
  • Fractions Fun! Can you identify EQUAL fractions?
  • Ordering Decimals Practice ordering decimals with this interactive site... then check your answers!
  • Rounding Money Practice rounding money to the nearest dollar.
  • The Ruler Game What an awesome way to practice locating measurements on our inches ruler!