Mrs. Aymar's Seventh Grade



Please check your other teachers' websites daily for their assignments.


Wednesday 2/20/19


Adjective worksheet


Review for Unit 20 test on Friday


Review for pop quiz on The Order of the Mass





Monday 2/19/19

English - begin thinking about descriptive adjectives for your art projec t

Spelling Unit 20

Test on Friday 2/22/19

Religion: Order of the Mass

 Review  notes for (perhaps) pop quiz any day this week.



Thursday 2/7/2019

No Unit 17 Spelling Test tomorrow.  We will still have the test for the  four vocabulary words.


Please bring in your permission slips.  



Wednesday 2/6/19


Vocabulary test on Friday



unit 17 Spelling and Definition Test on Friday


Please turn in your new updated permission slip for Chinatown. Correct date is 2/28/2019


$ Free Dress on Thursday to benefit the Vice family after Peyton's accident





Study class theme for test on Friday 8//24


Study 4 Vocabulary words for test on Friday 8/24

Turn in cell phone form signed by Friday, Please.

Please have an AR book to read in class every day.  This counts towards your effort grade.





Study class theme for test on Friday 8/24


Study 4 Vocabulary words for test on Friday 8/24

Turn in cell phone form signed by Friday, Please.

Earthquake packets are due by Friday


P.E uniform Friday..  P.E. will start on Friday 8/24



School Play - Orientation Friday 8/24 at 3:00

Parents are encouraged to come with their children at 3:00 to hear vital information from Gloria.



Friday 8/24


Pretest on Monday for Unit 1


Tuesday 8/28


Worksheet Nouns


Worksheet page 5 & 6

Speeling Test Unit 1 and extra Vocabulary words Friday 8/31

Emergency Packet due by Friday 8/31 PLEASE!!!!!!


Thursday 8/30

Spelling :

Test Unit 1 and Vocablary Words on Friday 8/31

P.E. uniform tomorrow

Please bring in Earthquake packets

First School Mass Wednesady 9/5 at 9:30


Tuesday 9/4/18


Review notes on Virtues test on Friday 9/7


Worksheet Unit 2, Test on Friday 9/7

(no new vocabulary words this week)

Dress uniform Wednesday 9/5 Mass at 9:30


9/5/18 Wednesday

Study religion test notes for Friday.

Study Spelling words unit 2, first 20 words

Thursday Dollar Free Dress Day

9/6/18 Thursday

No Homework for Mrs. Aymar's classes just study for Religion and Spelling tests on Friday


Tuesday 9/11/18


Study 4 vocab words for Friday's test and use in conversastion with your family


Test on Unit 3 Spelling and Definitons Friday 9/14/18


Bring in Walkathon Form PLEASE!!!!!!


Thursday 9/13/18

Spellling test Unit 3 on Friday 

Vocabulary Test Friday 

PE uniform 

English - study capitalization rules for pre-test on Friday 

(not graded just practcie for real test next week.


Monday 9/17/18

English:  study capitalization rules for test of the first nine rules.

Test on Capitalization Thursday  9/20/18 ( first nine rules with one example



Definitions for Unit 4 due Tuesday 

Test on Friday for Unit 4 Spelling and Vocabulary definitons. 9/21/18

Test on 4 vocabulary words on Friday ( espouse, profane,odious,sovereign)



Study notes on Faith, Saints, and St. Augustine.  Test on Friday 9/21/18




Tuesady 9/25/18


Capitalization exercises p. 247-248

Vocabulary test on Friday 4 words

No Spelling this week

Computers will go home on Thursday bring back to school on Monday not on Friday please!!!!!


Wednesday 9/26/18


Capitalization exercises 243-244

Vocabulary test on Friday

Spirit Day on Thursday...... Pink is our color...... Add ons only!!!!!!!  Wear Uniform

Friday is walk a thon please send  in your pledges!!!!!


Monday 10/1



Common and Proper noun worksheet

Vocabulary test Friday



Unit 5 definitons due Tuesday

Test Friday



Readd Chapter 6 page 39-44

Bring your rosary Friday


Tuesday 10/2

Common and Proper Noun worksheet 2

Wednesday 10/3

Religion study for test on Friday

English no homework

Spelling study for test Friday

Dollar Free Dress Thursday


Monday 10/8/18


Minimum Day 12:30 dismissal

Dress Uniform Required

Spelling Unit 7

Definitions due Tuesday

Test Friday



Tuesday 10/9/18

Mass 9:30 Virtue of Gratitude

Dress Uniform Required


Exercise Sheet Concrete and Abstract Nouns

Test Friday



Read Chapter 7 packet Jacob


Thursday 10/11/18

Spelling Test Friday Unit 7


Vocabulary Test


Monday 10/15/18


Definitions due Tuesday

Spelling and Vocab test Fkriday 10/19


Tuesday 10/16/18


Finish Bible reading if not completed in class


Exercise sheet type of nouns

Test on Types of Nouns Thursday


Wednesday 10/17/2018English

Reviews study quide for types of nouns.  Test on Thursday 10/18/2018

Spelling Test and Vocabulary Test Friday 10/19/2018





Monday October 22 ,2018


Definitions for Unit 9 due Tuesday 10/23/2018

Dear Parents,

I am sending home two forms for you to sign in this week's Wednesday Envelope.  One is for Confirmation; please fill out and return this form even if your child is not recieving Confirmation.  This form is due no later than November 16.  The second form is a list of movies I will be showing throughout the school  year during rainy day lunches, last day of school before breaks, and during the Christmas concert while we wait our turn to perform. It is very important that you sign the form before Monday, October 29.  We will be watching How to Train Your Dragon on Halloween during the down time after the day's festivities before dismissal at 12:30. I will need permission for your child to watch this movie with the rest of the class.


Kathleen Aymar

Tuesday October 23, 2018


Review notes for Jacob


Wednesday October 24, 22018

There are 2 permission slips in this week's Wednesday Envelope please sign and return by Friday


Thursday October 25, 2018

Spelling Test Unit 9

Extra 4 word Vocab and Spelling test postponed until Wednesday 10/31/2018

Please return permission slip for movies by this Friday 10/26/2108

Dance on Friday 7:30-9:30


Monday 10/29/21018


Vocabulary test on Wednesday

Test on Plural Nouns Tuesday

No Spelling unit this week Unit 10 next week and the definitions for Unit 10 are due Tuesday 11/6/2018


Tuesday 10/30/2018

Vocabulary Test Wednesday 10/31/2018



Happy Halloween

Minimum day dismissal 12:30


Monday 11/5/2018

Spelling definitions due Unit 10


Tuesday 11/6/2018


Study for quiz on the plagues



Study Pronouns and finish worksheet if not completed in class


Wedenesday 11/7/2018


Test on pronouns Thursday 11/8/2018



Unit 10 test on Friday 

No extra four words this week



Tuesday 11/13/2018



Test on Unit 11 on Friday

If definitions not completed in class please finish for H.W.



Study Exodus Test on Thursday


Tuesday - Friday 12/4- 12/7

English Possessive Pronoun Test on Tuesday 12/11/18

Test on 4 Vocabulary Words 12/7

Spelling Unit 14

Test on friday 12/7. No definitions


PE Friday 12/7

Santa Secret Store 7th Grade 12/13

Class Mass 12/14 9:30

Generosity Theme. 

Rite of Enrollment 7th Grade Confirmandi


Tuesday - Friday 1/8-1/11/19

Religion- check Cornell Notes on Civivlity

English - Demonstartive Pronouns (Test next Tuesday  Vocabulary Test Friday 1/11

Spelling Unit 15 Test on Friday

Definitions due Wednesday


Daily Reading Log 10 minutes per night signed parents daily.