Fourth Grade (2019-2020)


   It has been so much fun getting to know your children the past few weeks.   We have had many exciting lessons and there are so many more to come!   Let me know if you have any questions at any time!     


        The academic theme this year in fourth grade is The Power of Change.  Students will explore changes in Florida history, technology, math, presentation, science, reading and writing through various methods.  The students will also think about how changes affect the world around them.  They will discover how they can "be the change"  to make a difference for their future.  

“Be the Change You Wish to See in the World.”
- Mahatma Gandhi 


A large focus in fourth grade is writing.  Students will learn different perspectives, strategies and themes while creating divergent writing samples.   Students will also focus on production and distribution of writing samples, research and writing reflection.  I can't wait to show the students that writing CAN BE FUN too!  I will use a variety of programs such as Thinking Maps and Write Track to help the students in the writing process.  Activities such as Journaling, Word Walls, Writing Centers, Writing Mysteries, and Blogging will be fun, educational ways for students to engage in the writing process.   


Fourth grade Science standards include various topics such as Earth, Space & Time, forms of energy, scientific inquiry, scientific knowledge, properties of matter and more.   I believe in a hands-on learning approach, especially during science class.  Studies show that students retain information easier when their learning is active and the class is engaged.   

Social Studies

This year is all about Florida!  Florida Histroy beginning with Native American tribes will be studied all the way through the 21st century.  We will focus on Florida economics, the growth of Florida, current events, as well as the foundations and functions of our Government.  Our wonderful city is the perfect place to live when studying Florida history!   


Reading is the foundation for all subject areas.  Fourth grade reading is an extension of those key concepts learned in 3rd grade.  The main focal points include reading comprehension, key ideas & details, text complexity, text types / purposes and presentation of knowledge and ideas.  Throughout the year we will do fun classroom activities such as Literacy Circles, Read Alouds, Book Tastings, Poetry Readings, and Center Activities.  

We will also focus on independent reading with students setting personal reading goals.  Students who set personalized reading goals and read more minutes each day increase their reading comprehension by 4% or higher.  On average, fourth grade students should reading at least 30 minutes per day.  I have added recommended books for fourth grade students on the At Home tab of this website. 


Math this year will be fun and challenging at times.  Key concepts within fourth grade include algebraic thinking, mathematical patterns, multiples, measurements & conversions, representing data and geometry.  There will also be an emphasis on fractions in the fourth grade, which includes ordering, equivalents and decimals.  Math centers as well as using hands-on manipulatives will be a weekly part of our math routine.   There are many ways to help your fourth grader with math at home - just check out the At Home tab on this website!  PLEASE have your child practice his / her divisoin facts in order to master the skill.   We are working on this in class as well.  Thank you!   

Don't forget to check out the weekly news tab at the top of the page!  This is where you will find any weekly news, the daily schedule, as well as any upcoming events and projects! 


"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."   -Malcolm X 


- Mrs. Brooke Bilotta  smiley