Overwhelmed?  Take a break!!!  This is a week's worth of work!

>>>   Freckle <<<    Dr. Seuss - read and answer the questions         >>> Epic <<<  Ripple's Effect- read (or it will read to you) the story & take the quiz

For our comprehension review this week, you will have a >>> COMP CARDS <<< on forms, a freckle assignement and an assignment in Epic.  Please check both sites for your assignments.

6. Comprehension: 

5. When you feel comfortable with prepositions, please take the quiz on forms:  >>>  Quiz <<<

4. You have an assignment on Kahn Academy.  Please  >>> Click here <<< and login to review prepositions!!!

Watch this review video

3. Grammar: Prepositions

 >>> Click Here <<< for the writing prompts in a word document.  You are welcome to print it or just write your answers on a piece of paper.  **Turn in

2.Daily Journal Writing 

You may download the original here   >>> Worksheet  <<<  or do a version of it on   >>> forms.  <<<  You only need to complete one or the other...not both.  

1. Good Morning Sunshine. 

Here is what to do for the Week of March 30th

Your assignments will be posted each Monday for the week. All assignments are due by Friday night. I have designed the site like this to allow you to work at your own pace! I suggest creating a routine, just as we do in class each day. Each day, you should spend approximately 1 hour on ELA work. Just as we do in class, you can do your Good Morning Sunshine, Daily Writing, Grammar skill, and a Reading skill.  At this time, we will NOT be doing Spelling dictation. Please do not try and do all of your work for the entire week in one day!  I am looking for quality work.