Educational Websites

FREE Education Websites for Kids

Below are some great resources of safe, educational websites for kids.  Parents, you are always the best judge of appropriate content and screen time for your kids. 


Ever seen a shooting star?  The International Space Station orbits the earth multiple times a day and is occasionally visiable to us because it reflects the light of the Sun.  Every so often, there are good sighting opportunities over your house!  This typically last 3-5 minutes and is spectacular to watch. Sign up for text alerts to spot the station!


Sky View Lite (Free version)

Find all of the constellations and planets in the sky right from your phone!  This amazing app uses your camera to spot and identify plants, stars and the moon.  My family has the best time discovering what planets are visible each night.  It's an easy, fun way to teach your children about our wonderful universe!  Download from the app store for your mobile device or there is a pc and kindle version. 


Highlights Kids


National Geographic


Switch Zoo Animals




PBS Kids


Fun Brain


Brain Pop


Storyline Online