Mrs. Beaudry Classroom Website

Welcome to First Grade!

About Me:

I started my path to teaching by starting with preschool. I taught in the 3 to 4 year old class for two years before starting my family. I started to volunteer in my childrens school when they started Kindergarten. I really enjoyed the experience and decided to become a permanent part of their school. Over the years I have had the priveledge to be apart of several classrooms. The students where alwasy enjoyable and I found I wanted to move on and become a teacher. I moved to Oregon in fall 2015 to start a new chapter in my life. I found Grand Canyon University in my search for to better my future. I currently in a program to recive my Bachlors in Education. I hope to be a great role model for your student. I want to encourage and engage your child in every aspect of learning and help them reach their goals. 


My Teaching Philosphy:

I want ot show students their full potential. I want to show them how to set goals and reach them. I feel students should have a caring and welcoming environment that nurtures their love of learning. In my classroom I hope to learn from the students about what their interests are, and incorporate those interests into our lessons. I feel knowing your students will provide many oppertunities to engage them in learning. I hope your student will come home with a smile on their face and be excited to share about their day. 

Classroom Behaviors and Expectaions:

  • Come in quietly and be ready to learn
  • Greet your peers with respect
  • Treat classroom suplies like they are your own
  • Be responsiable for your actions
  • Do your best

Technology in the Calssroom:

Students will be given an assigned Chrome book to use through out the year. Students are responsible for handling them in a caring manner. Students are to follow the directions given by the teacher and use appropriate websites. Students should be aware of what they are sharing and be respectful when sharing with others. Students and parents will be given a Technology agreement to read and sign that they understand the rules of use. Rules can be found in the student handbook and also on the Willamina district website. 


                                                                           Practices and Policies


Late Work


When a student misses work due to an illness, they will have the oppertunity to make up the work missed with how many days they missed (if a student misses 2 days, they will be given two days to complete the work before it is considered late) If a student is absent due to a planned vacation, I request that work be completed and turned in when student returns to school. 




Students are conidered Tardy 5 minutes after the start of school. Students who arrive late must check in with office to recieve a pass a class. Please see the student handbook or contact the office with any questions. 




If I notice a student struggling or slipping I will be in contact to work on solutions for helping your student to catch up. You are welcome to contact me anytime you want to discuss your students grades or performance. 


Classroom Rules


Classroom rules, procedures, and expectations will be posted at all times in classroom. Please remind students if they have a question to ask.




Students are to follow classroom and school rules. If a problem arrises, depending on the situation, I will send a note or email, or call if needed. Please contact me through email, class dojo message, or call during school hours to disscuss any concerns. 


Homework Expectations


Students will recive a homework folder every monday. This include a weekly class newsletter, a weekly reading log, spelling list, and 4 math handouts (one for each day) Homework is due friday of each week. Students are expected to know their spelling words for the test on friday. 


Office Hours


Office hours are Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri.  7:30 - 4;00pm and Wed. 8:30 - 4:00pm (Wed. is late start with student arrival at 9:00am. I attend meetings in the mornings these days so please a message)


Extra Help


If you feel your student could benifit from extra help, please contact me to set up a day where I can be available for an extra 30 min. before school on a late start Wed. or after school. I can also arrange for a high school student to tutor your student if needed.



                    Rules, Consequences & Rewards:


Classroom Rules: 

• Come to class on time and ready to learn

• Raise your hand to ask a question

• Complete all work in a timely mannor

• Do your best

• Respect your classroom and peers



• Verbal warning will given

• Redirected to another activity

• Loose free time

• Call home

• Meeting with Principal and Parents



I will be using class dojo to give points to those showing good behavior and making good choices. If a student earns 5 points in a day, they can choose a sucker to take home. The class has the oppertunity to earn a prize they can enjoy together. We will use a puzzle challenge. When the class, as a whole, is on task in the library and p.e, shows leadership when walking in the halls and being on task in class, they can earn points. 10 points in a day they will be able to color in a portion of the puzzle. When the picture is revealed the class will draw a stick from our idea jar. These ideas will be student ideas thought of at the begining of the year. They can range from popcorn, to a pajama day, to having a special guest.


                          Grading Scale


90% - 100% - E  (Excellant)

80%  -  89.9% - G  (Good)

70% - 79.9% - S ( Satisfactory)

60% - 69.9% - N (Needs imporvment)

0% - 59.9% - N (Needs Improvement)

  • These scores are based on class work, participation and tests
  • Math homework will be worth 5 points a handout

             - Reading logs will earn points to earning books students can keep

             - Spelling will be benifical to students on friday tests



Included in the monday homework folder will be a weekly class news letter. This letter will cover the topics of the week, anything special needed for your student, birthdays being celebrated for the month, and current events in the school. There will be a seperate forlder for fridays. This will include school handouts and class work that has been completed and be kept at home.

I use class dojo to communicate with parents and post about our day. Please download the app to your phone and tablet. During the school day I can be reached for quick messages through class dojo or email. Please allow a few minutes to recieve an answer in case we are in the middle of a lesson. If it is more urgent that you reach me please call the office. During the week I will post quick photos and little messages about what we are learning in the classroom. 

Contacting Me: 

Email - 

I am here to help your student succeed in school and in the community. I am always available through email and class dojo during the school day. Messages will be checked regularly and I will respond the same day. If you need to set a phone meeting or meet in person, we can certainly schedule a day that works best for both of us. If an email or message is sent out of school hours, please understand I may not be abe to answer till the following day.