Activity 1


You will research Native American tribes. Pick a tribe to focus on and create a visual, displaying the way of life in that cultural region and tribe. Major aspects of that tribe’s life must be highlighted. Along with the visual, a narrative of the visual will describe the aspects displayed. Required elements include: types of homes, correct cultural region setting, items unique to tribe and/or region, food, activities, etc.
  1. Pick a specific Native American tribe from your research of the websites given to you in the website section.
  2. Pick a project. You may do anything that is a visual display: Chart, drawing, 3D model etc. If you are unsure if your project is acceptable, ASK!
  3. Gather the information you are going to include in your visual: homes, cultural region, food, activities, types of items.
  4.  Begin your project!
After clicking on the Rubric link, you may print it.