Activity 4

  You are an explorer and just happened to stumble upon a group of natives to North America. You decide to stay and observe these unusual individuals from a distance. Write a minimum of 10 journal entrees describing your observations. What do you see, hear, smell, and experience?
  1. Choose a Native American Tribe to "stumble" upon.
  2. Make sure you are aware of the cultural region's surroundings for what you describe the setting in your journal.
  3. Write at least 10 journal entrys in your journal about what you observe the families in the tribe doing.
  4. For your journal, you will be using a blog. You will have your own blog on the following site: Mrs. Becker's Wiki
  5. Let Mrs. Becker know if you choose to do this activity. I will then create your page for your postings.
  6. You will need to write with paper and pencil before you can "publish" each entry. 
After clicking on the Rubric link, you may print it.