Welcome to AP US History at Roanoke Rapids High School!


* You can find the Summer Assignment on the "Files" page. Remember, all parts of the Summer Assignment are due on the first day of school!

*It is recommended that every student in this class have (or have access to) an email address which they can access from school. I communicate frequently by email.

* AP US History Supply List:

On the first day of school you will need:

·        Your textbook – Liberty, Equality, Power

·        Your summer work (to be turned in at the door)

·        Something to write with and something to write on.

Mandatory supplies:

·        A notebook (either three ring or spiral bound) and a substantial amount of college ruled paper

·        Black or blue pens

·        One standard pack of lined 3x5 index cards

Optional Supplies:

·        Pencils                                                                             ·        Tissues

·        Highlighters                                                                  ·        A small bottle of hand sanitizer

·        Additional Index cards                                            ·        USB drive or Floppy disk

·        Markers & Colored Pencils                                      ·        Binder sized 3 hole punch

·        White out/ correctional fluid                                 ·        Binder tabs/ dividers