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Mrs. Boseck

 Justin (Jay) and I were married 08/11/2007 in Fargo, ND. The day after our wedding, we moved to Indiana because Jay was accepted into the PhD program for School Psychology. We live in Muncie with our two dogs, Bitzy and Tayter.

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Bitzy, a Yorkshire Terrier, was a college graduation gift from my parents in May, 2005. I have a Bachelor of Arts double major in Psychology and Religion from Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota. Bitzy is now three years old, six pounds, and she has way too much attitude for her own good. She loves to play fetch, bark at the animals on TV, do tricks for people food, and chase squirrels in the back yard. Even though she is smaller than most other dogs, she still thinks she can give them all a beat down; so we have to watch her to keep her safe. Laughing 

Jay and I got Tayter in the spring of 2007. Tayter is a Toy Fox Terrier and loves to cuddle, sun tan, get scratches, and he just loves any attention that you offer. Both dogs are spoiled rotten and are treated like our kids!!
We also always have at least one if not two foster dogs that are up for adoption from the Animal Rescue Fund (ARF) in Muncie. For more information on ARF go to: 
Bitzy and Tayter
After receiving my B.A. at Gustavus, I was hired to work at The Neuropsychiatric Research Institute (NRI) in Fargo, North Dakota as a Research Assistant. I worked with individuals that have eating disorders. After working at NRI for one year, I enrolled with the University of Phoenix to pursue my Masters in Special Education. During this time, I also worked as a Secondary Case Manager with foster children and continued my work with NRI.
After Jay and I were married in August, we moved to Muncie where I started work at Muncie Central High School as a Special Education Aide and also at the YMCA as an aerobics instructor. After the school year was over, I started work at Isanogle with the Autism Day Camp as a resource teacher/counselor and now I am with Jay Schools!!! Laughing
During high school and college, I worked for six years as a lifeguard and swimming lesson teacher. I also had part time jobs as an autism paraprofessional and as a direct care case worker with a young child with varying disabilities.
I finished my Masters in Special Education in July, 2008 and then enrolled with Ball State to further my education by getting my Certificate of Autism, which has always been my biggest passion.
Engagement shots '08/11/2007
Some of my favorite things include playing with our dogs, enjoying warm summer weather, spending time at the lake, jet skiing, snowmobiling, going to the beach, sun tanning, aerobics, hanging out with family and friends, and traveling. I love traveling because I love to meet new people, see new things, try new foods, do new activities, and learn about the world. So far I have been to 13 differnet countries if you count the USA. I have been to: the USA, Canada, Mexico, Iceland, Fiji,  Malaysia, Australia, England, Germany, Holland, France, Greece, and Italy. I have been in the airport in Japan but I don't count that as one of my countries since I was only in the airport.